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The start of Dalsland Canoe Marathon+

About the Dalsland Canoe Marathon+

The Dalsland Canoe Marathon+ is an annual canoe race held in Dalsland's lush, old-growth forests and sparkling glacial lakes. The 55 km marathon course traverses four of these lakes, with water so pure, you can drink it. This annual competition is held each year during the 2nd week in August.

At start time, all of the competitors will line-up to embark at same time. Paddling first through Laxsjön (Salmon Lake), this lake leads directly to the first station in Skåpafors. Here, friendly volunteers will be waiting with bananas and energy drinks. The journey then continues through Svärdlång (Lake Long Sword). This leg of the race is always close to land. If you are lucky, you may spot an elk, deer, moose or any number of animals living in the forest. The second station at the end of this leg is located in Skifors. Here you can stop for a beat, stretch, workout sore muscles with a massage. Make sure to load up on wheat buns and energy drink, because there is still a good distance ahead to the finish line.

The course continues on Västra Silen, gliding past Vårviks church, situated on an island out in the middle of the lake. If you are lucky, you may just hear sweet gospel music coming from the church as you pass. With water lapping at your canoe, you will soon be given a warm reception by the third station in Gustavsfors. The islands and boats are filled with spectators cheering you on along the entire path , helping to lift your spirits and brighten the day.

The final lake called Lelång. Being both long and wide, some waves can form. The last rest station is a floating depot, to which you can paddle close and receive deckside service. You can also choose to get out and stretch if needed. The elite will be required to portage at the station, portaging over the cape and setting on the other side.

From there, it's just short spurt to go until the much anticipated finish line at the marina in Bengtsfors! Here is where the real festival begins, with all participants being honored with a medal proving completion in one of the largest and most rigourous canoe races in the world. The officials will take care of your canoe and transport it to a storage site. You can now finally hit the showers followed by a well-earned dinner.


Be sure not to miss the evening's enormous crayfish party held near the finish line.