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Grebbestad hamn


Grebbestad wows with its oyster and lobster ‘safaris’, as reported by major international newspapers and famous foodie bloggers. And no wonder; set sail for the Fjällbacka archipelago with local fisherman to bag and pot some and then devour them in charming Grebbestad. Come to Grebbestad and celebrate herring, mackerel and oyster ‘days’. Yep, these sea treats have days dedicated to them in this ‘fishtastic’ town and come wrapped in special events, festivities, exhibitions and celebrations.

Grebbestad is a typically beautiful west coast Sweden fishing town with a dramatic rocky backdrop and quaint pastel-coloured wooden houses and buildings and the heart of the town is its harbour. It is set at the head of a channel, leading into the Fjällbacka archipelago and it is a wonderful place for walks and sampling the atmosphere of the town.

everts Lobster safari

Fishy going on in Grebbestad

Grebbestad is the oyster capital of Sweden and also rightly famous for its catches of fabulous west coast crab, crayfish, lobster and mackerel. You can taste them all, obviously depending on season, at Telegrafen restaurant, at Nedre Långgatan 28, or how about catching them yourself?


At Everts Sjöbod (boathouse) just 2 km northwest of Grebbestad expert fishermen brothers Lars and Per Karlsson will take you out and teach you how to catch west coast lobster. They won't teach you how to eat it though, you get to do that yourself back at their beautifully renovated and original boathouse. You can also choose from pots of other activities such as mackerel fishing, crab fishing, oyster 'safaris' and oyster tastings. Food journos from all over the world have been here and loved it. You probably will too.


Ingemar Granqvist is the captain of the good ship M/S Mira, out of Fjällbacka and you can join him for lobster, crab and crayfish safaris on their own, or as part of a package from Tanumstrand Hotel and Resort.


Don't forget, the lobster fishing season in Sweden starts on the first Monday after September 20th.

Hällristning, Vitlycke. Brudparet Tanum rock carvings


There have been human settlements in and around what we now know as Grebbesstad since the iron age and at Greby Ancient Burial Ground and the Labyrinth at Ulmekärr both just outside Grebbestad, you can find out all about them. Just up the coast the Tanum rock carvings made by bronze-age Swedes are a UNESCO world heritage site and along with the adjoining Vitlycke museum are well worth a visit.


Winding the clock forward to 19th century, sea trade, shipping, the fishing industry, stone-cutting and spas figured big here and have left their mark on the town. Grebbestad's history and culture are celebrated at the Grebbestad Karneval on the second Saturday in July. It is Sweden's longest running carnival/parade and has been going since 1922.

Havskajak i Bohuslän Sea kayaking

Nature activities

Fancy a bit of paddle? The people at Kajakcenter will rent you a sea kayak from which you can explore the nooks and crannies of the Fjällbacka archipelago. They also run guided trips and take you to spots only the locals know. If you prefer walking, take a short boat trip out to Otterö island nature reserve for its criss-cross of pathways, steep rocks, shellbanks, beaches and views of the Fjällbacka archipelago from its high vantage point. Still on two legs and just north of Grebbestad is the wild and windy Tjurpannen nature reserve. Take the guided tour with a marine biologist and find out about the flora and fauna of this beautiful marine wilderness.


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You can visit Grebbestad all year-round.