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Tanum World Heritage Area

The 3,000 year-old rock carvings at Tanum are inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list because they are outstanding examples of Bronze Age art. These dream landscapes include ships, chariots, sleds, warriors, domestic and hunting scenes and some combine to tell stories. They are amazing.

The Tanum World Heritage area, including the splendid rock art Vitlycke Museum is some 45 square kilometres, stretching from Tanumshede in the north to Trättelanda in the south. The various 'panels' and rock art sites are interconnected by pathways across the countryside and are well sign-posted. At Vitlycke Museum you can hire a digital hand-held computer guide to the rock carving sites near the museum, or if you prefer you can accompany an expert guide.

vitlycke Tanum rock carvings

Tanum World Heritage area

The Tanum World Heritage area is a short drive or bus trip north from Fjällbacka. And well worth it. It really is an extraordinary place where, some 3,000 years ago, Bronze Age Swedes carved depictions of their lives into the rocks and left us with a record that, while wildly interesting from an archaeological and historical viewpoint, is fantastic art.


Archaeologists have uncovered just 26 of the some 430 sites here where rock art appears. Next time you come to this fabulous place they'll probably have discovered more.


The major sites and rock 'panels' here are Vitlycke, Aspeberget, Litsleby and Fossum. You can drive around the entire site, or bike or foot parts of it. Why not make a day of it and bring a picnic?

Vitlycke Museum

The Vitlycke Museum is located in the middle of the Tanum World Heritage area towards its western edge and everything you could possibly want to know about the rock carvings is here. Highlights include a digital tour with hand-held computer of the nearby Vitlycke panel and nighttime guided tour by torchlight. For the kids there is the Archaeology School and the whole family can visit the reconstructed Bronze Age farm here to see how people lived 3,000 years ago. If you get peckish, no worries, Café Skålgropen has it covered with the 'Bronze Age buffet'. They also serve tea, coffee and eats.


Feeling adventurous? Book the 4-hour guided tour, accompanied by one of the museum's experts. Bring your hiking boots as you will cover a lot of ground. Otherwise you can hire a bicycle at the museum.


The Tanum World Heritage area and Vitlycke Museum are not to be missed.


Visit the Vitlycke Museum for opening times and other information.