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havskajakspaddling, Styrsö havskajaker

Experience the Gothenburg Archipelago with Styrsö Havskajaker

Paddle along the city shoreline and explore the landscape and local area from a cockpit perspective. The closeness to a big city, combined with a sense of being very far from civilisation is unique, says Jerker Waller.

Company: Styrsö Havskajaker
Name: Jerker Waller, Mats Havström
Town/destination: Styrsö
Capacity, no of kayaks/canoes: 14 K1, 2 K2
Bookable activities: Rental, guided paddling tours, guided walks on Styrsö, courses for beginners and more experienced canoeists

Jerker Waller, Styrsö Havskajak

Who are the people behind Styrsö Havskajaker and what are your strengths?
– The activity company Styrsö Havskajaker consists of Mats Havström and Jerker Waller. Mats is a biologist and the curator of the Gothenburg Botanical Gardens, I work as a secondary school teacher. We both have many years' experience of outdoor pursuits and a lot of teaching experience. In addition, we are both interested in and knowledgeable about many scientific and cultural activities along the coast. We offer our customers a pleasant and professional service, a high level of basic skills in the courses, as well as comfort, safety, and answers to most questions about the environment in which we paddle and walk, says Jerker Waller.
– We strive to deliver experiences that are out of the ordinary.
At busy times, Styrsö Havskajaker also extends its team to include the experienced canoeist Gustav Tidström as course leader and guide.
What makes your company unique in the kayaking industry?
– Being so geographically close to a big city, like Gothenburg, in combination with a sense of being very far from civilisation, plus our personal knowledge about the local area. We are also very careful when we select paddling instructors for our business.
What must your guests not miss?
– There is nothing specific... there are lots and lots of small, uninhabited islands, nature experiences can be found everywhere, and the horizon is where it is... But having said that, one thing that is fairly special is paddling through the milky seas on a late summer evening.
What would you recommend beginners and year-round paddlers respectively?
– Relax and enjoy, stay safe, avoid the main fairways and keep a close eye on the weather. For more experienced paddlers, I would add a dry suit in the winter, a mobile phone in a watertight bag, let someone know your travel plans – and always watch the weather forecast.
What do you want your guests to take away with them?
– A sense of having been looked after in a professional and pleasant way, and memories of the beautiful nature of Gothenburg's southern archipelago.
Your best kayaking experience?
– A large number of paddling trips in a wintery sea, among icy islands and with no-one else around.
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