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Västergötland Museum

|Translated by Google translation|

Between ice and fire - interpretations of Västergötland antiquity

Between ice and fire people wandering in a landscape that shaped them. The first glance may have caught the ice sheet lay and nibbled on Billingen.

Smooth The GLACIAL SEA and Hornborgasjöns freshwater gave plenty of food for thousands of years. The food was later taken from the soil by grazing and cultivation. The landscape set the limits of human conditions and ruled their lives with cultural values ​​and social norms. Nature became more controlled and bemästrad.

Life got new conditions when the metals changing technological developments. If we want to tell in the exhibition. For children with warmth, softness and touch. For the curious facts and objects. To the thoughtful with the same values ​​and issues. But above all, we want you all to take part of the amazing things that people left behind during all those thousandsyears and together we can create interpretations of Västergötland antiquity.

Skara in medieval

The exhibition spans the period between 900 century to 1350, when the Black Death ravaged Europe.

Here you will meet not only kings and bishops Middle Ages, such as mirrored in the oldest piece of furniture, the oldest book, a unique shrine and Bishop Brynolf chasuble. The tension between power men are also daily life for generations of medieval Skarabor. Today you can experience it in our reconstructed environments, models and dramatized installations, by utility, individual fates and general historical stages.

Take a tour of the town on an autumn day in 1288, when Magnus III was King and Bishop Brynolf Algotsson, a legend in his lifetime, reigned. Explore the fragments of everyday life over the years unearthed from Skara black ground, while you may be surprised brilliant colors of the bishop of700 year old chasuble.

The exhibition attracts the curious visitors wanting to know more. And much of the medieval Skara (cathedral, the three parish churches, street network, and others), you can visit around the museum.

Agnes de Frumerie

"Agnes de Frumerie" reflects an artist and kvinnoöde turn of the century in Paris. Full Agnes de Frumeries lifework is gathered in Västergötland Museum in Skara. Sculptures, paintings, drawings and equipment.

Contact information

Västergötlands museum
532 23 Skara
Phone: +46 10 4414270
Fax: +46 511 16302
Email: vastergotlandsmuseum@vgregion.se
Web site: www.vastergotlandsmuseum.se


Information |Translated by Google translation|

In Västergötland Museum has three permanent exhibitions - between ice and fire, Skara in medieval and Agnes de Frumerie. In addition to these three, it is an ongoing program for the year in which the contents are renewed and replaced.

Opening hours

Opening hours |Translated by Google translation|
Times and prices fr.om 2012-01-01 museum Tuesday through Friday: 10:00 to 16:00 Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 11:00 to 16:00 Monday: closed These days we are closed during 2012: 1 January, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, 1 May , Midsummer Eve, Midsummer Day, 23 December, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve.


Price |Translated by Google translation|

Free admission!

Guide fees:

  • School class: 350 SEK
  • Group, everyday: 550 SEK
  • Group with own guide: 300 SEK
  • Heljesgården, daytime, maximum 20 people: 750 SEK

Note: failure to pre-booked groups billed in full!


Directions |Translated by Google translation|
Run Skaraborgsgatan towards the center. Turn onto Railroad Street (opposite the bus station). Turn right immediately after Skara Cathedral and then the first left. Follow the signs.



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