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Cray fishing on Strandö, Strömstad

Cray fishing on Strandö

Join the boat Strandö on a fishing trip for cray fish. The boat leaves Strömstad early in the morning, and after an hour long journey through the beautiful coastal landscape, it moors west of the Koster Islands. Here, the crayfish pots are pulled up, usually a link of around 30 pots. The pots are then re-baited with salted herring, and again lowered into the ocean.

The journey continues towards a boathouse on Koster, where the cray fish are cooked and participants are given the opportunity to try this delicacy from the west of Sweden –cray fish . Participants are then able to take their catch home. The boat then returns to the harbour in Strömstad.

Contact information

SD 526 Strandö
Kalkemyrsvägen 4
452 04 Nordkoster
Phone: +46 526 15933
Mobile: +46 702 565926
Email: sd526strando@hotmail.com


Information The fishing trip takes about 4 hours Safety: Life vests and dinghy available, as well as all necessary safety equipment for the boat

Opening hours

Opening hours Telephone for booking


Price Price 750 SEK per person
The price includes: boat trip, light drinks, and any cray fish caught and cooked.

Maximum number:
12 people

Minimum number:
3 people. For smaller groups, hourly rates apply.
We reserve the right to make any changes. Bookings and product purchases are made directly with the product owner whose name appears on the reservation. Any complaints are referred to the respective product owners. Edit product