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Vandring. Fotograf: Lisa Nestorson


With a pair of light hiking boots on your feet you can go almost anywhere, and when hunger strikes you'll find your lunch bag is full of natural goodies. Some like to go for a long and arduous hike while others just want a short stroll followed by a bit of rest and relaxation sitting on a rock. Walking is beneficial in so many ways - it helps you to breathe deeply, think more clearly, reflect and, of course, spend quality time with your family.


Walking appeals to anyone who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, whether young, old, a beginner or a pro.


Come to Tranemo and find the type of hiking that you enjoy. We can be contacted at turistbyra@tranemo.se or telephone +46 (0)325 57 60 30.


"Surrounded by dark trees, the sun casts its light on the grove like golden pearls scattered on a mossy bank.

The air smells damp and earthy, and I feel safe here on my path.

The ground is covered with berries; this is a hiking trail I am never likely to forget."