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We're in the middle of trading country with commercial traditions stretching far back in time. Between then and now, we've been employed as farmers and factory workers. Now we're business people again. You are welcome to visit us here at the heart of the village. We think it's just as much fun to do good business as you do!

Shopping, fashion & the latest trends - the only difference is, we're out in the depths of the countryside.

In terms of the size of its population, Gällstad isn't really up to much. We have no more than 2,000 people living and working here. In terms of textiles and trading, we can beat the majority hands down. Despite being out in the middle of the countryside, Gällstad is home to some of the largest fashion and textile companies in Sweden. One of them was recently elected Sweden's best fashion brand while another is sponsor of the Swedish alpine ski team.


Through enterprise and creative development, Gällstad has maintained its position as Sweden's textiles centre, and is a force to be reckoned with in the textiles and fashion world.

The home of textiles

Considering our history, it is hardly surprising that Gällstad and its environs is often called Sweden's knitwear centre. The story began when the people of the area found it difficult to survive on what they could grow on the land and, to supplement their income, they started knitting. Knitting became a tradition in Gällstad. Garments began to fly off the knitting machines and were sold by itinerant traders in the surrounding villages.


Today, the opposite is true - you come to us - because we know what we're doing when it comes to textiles. It's virtually in our genes.


One of the things we have learned is the importance of selling quality goods. It always pays off in the long term. This is why, in addition to our own products, you will find more than 400 different brands in our stores.

In constant development

You're probably aware by now that there is little that stands still in Gällstad. A couple of shops will probably have opened since this article was written. That's how it should be. Development has to continue. The fact that we have left the production side of things behind us is something we see as a natural step that allows us, instead, to focus on becoming the best in the marketing, research and development of tomorrow's textile innovations. Welcome to Gällstad in the future, too.

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Logo Factory

Parfymeriet Gällstad

RK Textil
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