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Mountain bike ride with gps, Canodal

Mountain bike ride with gps, Canodal

Biking with GPS is really a form of orienteering but with a little help from GPS instead of a map and compass. Close to our facility we have marked two sets of trips which have been stored in the GPS as so called waypoints.

Canodal have created two trips. The longest, totaling around forty kilometres, is known as the Vargturen. It follows the edge of the Tresticklan national park. The shorter journey has been christened the Kulturturen. This heads toward Rölanda and follows the Örekilsälven river.When it comes to these activities, mountain biking can sound more advanced than it is. You do not need to be an expert cyclist to choose any of the trips, although the longest does take a while to complete.

Here is how it works: One person in the group is equipped with a GPS that warns you about ten metres before it is time to turn or change direction. If you follow the instructions, wonderful natural experiences await on routes you would otherwise never try. The activities were first launched in the summer of 2010 with great results.

Wolfride (Vargturen) 37,4 kms

The Wolfride heads North from the centre of Ed, passes Karl XII's monument, Bastedals cottage, Parsetjärn's fortlet and Skottbackatjärn's swimming area. The trip is close to 40 kms long and you pass through untouched nature on the edge of the national park Tresticklan.

Cultureride (Kulturturen), 25 kms

The Cultureride heads South from the centre of Ed and passes through lots of cultural interesting areas, i e you will be able to visit the grave field at Hindalebyn. The tour takes you towards Rölanda and goes close by Örekilsälven. Partens Café is situated along the tour, and there you can have coffee or an ice cream!

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Gamla Edsvägen 4
668 30 Ed
Phone: +46 534 61803
Fax: +46 534 61912


Information Wolfride, 16 waypoints Cultureride, 19 waypoints

Opening hours

Opening hours The package is bookable as long as it is biking season.


Price Bike and gps, 250 SEK/day.

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