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Day cruise with Kulturbåtarna

Day cruise with Kulturbåtarna

Experience our beautiful West Coast and the archipelago of Bohuslän on a daycruise.

You can choose between our four boat trips:

Please, read more in our four day-programme about each route or check out our web site www.kulturbatarna.se.

Welcome aboard!

Contact information

Göteborg & Bohusläns Rederi AB / Kulturbåtarna
Stålverksgatan 4 C
417 07 Göteborg
Phone: +46 31 101015
Booking: +46 31 101015
Email: info@kulturbatarna.se
Web site: www.kulturbatarna.se


Information We start at around 8 o´clock every day. In Göteborg, we step aboard on our pier. From other destinations, a bus will take you from Göteborg to the boat. After a nice day at sea, the bus will take you back to Göteborg.


Price 750 SEK per person.

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