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Swedish crayfish party

The Crayfish Party is one of Sweden's most fabulous traditions.

Most crayfish parties are private events, but Väderöarnas Värdhus guesthouse - set on West Sweden's breathtaking Weather Islands - has now created a Crayfish Package where visitors can enjoy exclusive access to a traditional crayfish party and tuck into newly caught langoustines (also known as 'Ocean Crayfish'), as well as witnessing the catching and cooking of the shellfish in large cooking pots on the pier. 

Afterwards, an exquisite food spread is laid out in the restaurant Lotsbryggan – and the party begins! 

Learn how to eat langoustines using special shellfish cutlery, drink Swedish schnapps under coloured lanterns, sing along to traditional drinking songs whilst wearing paper hats and bibs, and experience everything else which goes with a genuine Swedish crayfish party. 

As well as partaking in the crayfish celebrations, guests are treated to the most serene setting - Sweden's most westerly islands, The Weather Islands. Breathe in the fresh sea air and feel relaxation levels soar as you witness these breathtakingly beautiful surroundings.

Contact information

Fjällbacka Fyren
Väderöarnas Värdshus
457 40 Fjällbacka
Phone: +46 525 32001
Booking: +46 525 32001



Crayfish are to be eaten outdoors or in a summer cottage, which are very popular among Swedes. Colourful paper lanterns are hung around the table, with the most popular type showing a smiling full moon. Both the tablecloth and the colourful plates should be made of paper, with people wearing bibs around their necks and festive paper hats on their heads.


Then the feast begins. Guests eat crayfish cold, with their fingers. Sucking noisily to extract the juices is perfectly acceptable behaviour. Bread and a strong cheese such as mature Västerbotten are eaten on the side. People mostly drink beer and the inevitable schnapps. And a Swedish crayfish party wouldn't be complete without communal singing and special drinking songs.


Crayfish Package.

Day 1.
• Departure from Centrumbryggan in Fjällbacka
• Lunch incl. coffee
• Langoustine fishing with coffee basket
• Wood-fired sauna and hot-tub
• Genuine Swedish Crayfish Party, the "Väderö Way"

Day 2.
• Breakfast
• Return journey to Fjällbacka


Opening hours

Opening hours Can be booked between Aug 18 - Sep 23 (subject to availability)



Price from 2890 sek/person in a double room (drinks are not included in the price)

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