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Rock carvings in Högsbyn

Rock carvings, Högsbyn

The rock carvings at Högsbyn, Tisselskog are the largest and most remarkable ancient monument of the landscape Dalsland. There are approximately 50 rocks with over 2500 carvings. These rocks are to be found beside the lake Råvarp, beautifully situated in a nature reserve. There is an exhibition,  and shop within the adjacent area.

You cannot just look at the impressive rock engravings in the nature reserve Tisselskog, you can also take a hike on a circular route (about 5 km). Suitable for families with children but without a stroller.
This destination is perfect in combination with a visit to the Baldersnäs Mansion or Aqueduct Håverud at the Dalsland kanal. This trip will be an unforgettable day in your holidays in Sweden.


Contact information

Högsbyns hällristningar
Högsbyn 10
66630 Tisselskog
Phone: +46 531 43120






Directions The rockcarvings is about 6 km east of Dals Långed against Tisselskog.
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