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The Pilgrim trail

The Pilgrim trail

This is a scenic nature trail, now updated, starting at Vänersborg, passing by Holms kyrka (church), stretching to Edelskogs kyrka (church) in the municipality of Åmål and even further, but then not marked, yet. The trail is about 102 kilometers and is considered an average walking effort in the northern part. The southern part, up to the church in Holm in the north of Mellerud, is going on very low traficated roads, very easy walking thus.

History about the pilgrims

The pilgrimages went on in Sweden for about 500 years, from 1050 AD to 1550. They were stopped by King Gustav Vasa in 1527, but in spite of that they continued for a few more decades. The pilgrims came by boat från Västergötland to Sunnanå, from where they continued north, through Edelskog for the final destination Nidaros (Trondheim, Norway).

To get back to where you started and to Mellerud:
In Edelskog the pilgrim trail joins another walking trail, Storspåret, between Edsleskog and Åmål. This trail is about 20 kilometres (12.5 miles). From Åmål you can take bus or train back to Mellerud or Vänerborg. From Edelskog there are also buses for Dals-Ed, Bengtsfors and Åmål.

To get access to a trail map:

- download the map and print (four A4 sheets).

- download the trail to your GPS or smart phone.

- ask for the map to be printed at any tourist information point in Dalsland.

We advise you to bring a map, and a mobile phone while walking - since the trail takes you far from roads.

Length: over 100 km of varying difficulty.
Moderate to difficult hiking trail between Holm (north of Mellerud) and Edsleskog, better marking there, though. Easy hiking (mostly on low traficated roads) from Vänersborg to Holm.
Lodging options are in shelters at six locations. Rehabilitation of the trail takes place constantly.
Note: Accommodation and restaurant directly at the trail in Upperud finished in late summer 2015.

Contact information

Melleruds Kommun
Storgatan 13
46431 Mellerud
Phone: +46 530 18900
Fax: +46 530 18901
Visiting adress: Holms Kyrka



Maps scale 1: 50000 in .pdf and .jpg format can be downloaded here next. These are the latest maps. The files in PDF formate are clearer, but much larger.

The part maps are in scale 1: 12500.


Directions :51km





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