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Dalslands Adventure park/Moosepark


We now have 4 moose’s and you can also find fallow deer’s  in our protected area.
The protected area is about 14 hectares and the moose's is always coming up to the show enclosure when it is time for food and time to meet all of you lovely people.


Contact information

Dalslands Aktiviteter
66010 Dals långed
Phone: +46 531 33086
Booking: +46 531 33086
Fax: +46 531 33141
Contact: Pontus



Dalsland Activities welcomes businesses, school classes and private parties to discover the stunningly beautiful nature of Dalsland as the scene for true adventure activities. We work on bringing groups closer together, test personal boundaries and to give you a chance to experience the wildlife through a vast array of different outdoor activities. Our programs are custom made for your group and can contain activities such as horseback riding, climbing, canoeing, moose safaris and our very unique challenge track with various exciting stations like the zip line or the giant swing.

Opening hours

Opening hours May to September, drop in between 10am to 6pm.
September to May we are open for pre booking.



May to September, drop in between 10am to 6pm 65 sek for adult 35 sek for children 180 sek per family September to May we are open for pre booking

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