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Island-hopping in Bohuslän, a 5-day trip from Marstrand to Uddevalla

Island-hop through the beautiful archipelago of Bohuslän and gather unforgettable experiences. Below are some tips on pleasant boat trips, interesting sights, enjoyable activities and good places to stay between Marstrand and Uddevalla.

Day 1 – Sunday, Marstrand

Travel by train from Gothenburg to Ytterby and catch the connecting direct bus service to Marstrand. Check into one of the many nice places to stay on Marstrand and enjoy the pleasant walking trails on Marstrand itself and the neighbouring island of Koön.

Magnificent views are on offer when you pedal along the 15-kilometre car-free cycleway between Marstrand and Nordön and back. Don’t forget to visit Strandverket Art Hall  and Carlstens Fort. Round off the evening with a delicious meal at one of Marstrand’s pubs and restaurants.



Day 2 – Monday, boat to Rönnäng/Klädesholmen

Each Friday-Tuesday from July 10 until August 4, M/S Drott af Dyrön departs Marstrand at 11:00 for an enjoyable 40-minute trip to the island of Tjörn. The first stop is Rönnäng. Passengers can either disembark here or continue to the next stop at neighbouring Klädesholmen. Bicycles can be taken on board at a cost of 100 SEK. Book your bicycle space at Gunnars Båtturer. Alternatively, hire a bike on Tjörn, or why not book a Cycling Package with the floating hotel Salt & Sill, which includes a rental bike.

Tjörn has plenty of attractive and varied cycleways, offering pleasant and interesting journeys. Be amazed by the beautiful natural landscape and add world-class art experiences to your trip by visiting the Nordic Water Colour Museum in Skärhamn or Sculpture in Pilane.


Day 3 - Tuesday, walk and cycle on Tjörn.

Tjörn also offers plenty of good walking trails. Bring a picnic or enjoy a nice meal at one of the coffee shops and restaurants along the way!

Härön – Follow the signposted cycle paths to Kyrkesund, where you leave your bike and hop on the boat that takes passengers across to the Härön Nature Reserve, every day all year round. The walking trails on Härön are between 2 and 10 kilometres long and take between 30 minutes and 4 hours to complete.

Dyrön – Park your bike at Rönnäng or bring it on board on the boat to Dyrön. The many steps, gangways, handrails, tables and seats along mountain sides and gorges guarantee an exciting walk around Dyrön. There are places to swim along the trail, which is 5 kilometres long and takes around 2 hours to complete.

More ideas for cycling and walking tours on Tjörn are available here.


Day 4 - Wednesday, boat to Mollösund and Käringön

On Wednesdays and Thursday between the 12th July and the 3th August, M/S Drott af Dyrön takes passengers from Tjörn to Orust. There are three departure points on Tjörn. The vessel leaves the first, Mossholmen/Klädesholmen, at 10:40 am. The next stop is Skärhamn. Tickets must be pre-booked no later than the day before by phoning +46 706 775 855, or by emailing info@gunnarsbatturer.com.

The first stop on Orust is Mollösund, located on the western side of the island. This is a village with narrow lanes and lots of small picturesque houses and boathouses. If you disembark here, you can cycle across to Slussen and Stillingsön on the eastern side of the island, a pleasant trip of around 45 kilometres. The route is lined with small fishing villages that offer nice places to stay and good food.

If you prefer to remain on board for the whole trip, the boat arrives at Käringön at 13.30. This little island offers amazing nature experiences, attractive buildings, and genuine peace and quiet. Cycling is not allowed here, and the island is both car and moped-free. Explore your surroundings by walking among the houses on the northern side of the island and the barren rocks in the south. Book a night at one of the great places to stay and enjoy fresh seafood.



Day 5 - Thursday, boat to Slussen/Ljungskile or Uddevalla via Bassholmen and Henån.

Every day during the afternoon, between the 26th June and the 13th August, the passenger vessel M/S Gustafsberg II  departs Stillingsön and Slussen on the eastern side of Orust for Lyckorna and Ljungskile, travelling through the lovely inner archipelago. Departure times are monday to friday, early mornings. Enjoy buildings in traditional Swedish west-coast style, good shopping and delicious mussels from Janne at Musselbaren, before spending the night in historic surroundings at Villa Sjötorp in Lyckorna.

… alternatively, travel by boat from Käringön to Uddevalla via Bassholmen and Henån.

Thursdays during June, July and August, M/S Byfjorden departs Käringön for Uddevalla, travelling through the beautiful archipelago. Book your ticket at www.skargardsbatarna.com or on +46 522 698 480. Spend the night  in Uddevalla and explore this small, friendly town, where visitor attractions include Sweden’s oldest spa resort, Gustafsberg, the Beach Promenade and the Bohuslän Museum .



Other regular boat services in the Bohuslän archipelago:

All these vessels depart from locations that can be reached by buses or trains run by Västtrafik. Car parks are available nearby.

MARSTRAND, on Mondays and Tuesdays, 10th July until 15th August, M/S S:t Erik takes passengers to Marstrand. Departs from Lilla Bommen in Gothenburg at 14:30.  Bicycles allowed on board. The trip must be pre-booked via Strömma Kanalbolaget.

GULLHOLMEN & KÄRINGÖN, service 381, daily all year round. Departs from Tuvesvik, takes ten minutes to Gullholmen and 45 minutes to Käringön. Payment by Västtrafik card. Bicycle tickets cost 30 SEK (please note that bicycles are not permitted on Käringön).

ÅSTOL & DYRÖN (north harbour), service 361, daily all year round. Departs from Rönnängs brygga. Journey times: 15 minutes to Åstol, 20 minutes to the north harbour on Dyrön. Payment by Västtrafik card. Single tickets can be bought on board. A ticket machine is available at the ferry terminal in Rönnäng. Bicycle tickets cost 30 SEK.

HÄRÖN, service 362, daily, all year round. Departs from Kyrkesund. Tjörn’s smallest ferry, max twelve passengers. The journey across the strait takes five minutes. Payment by Västtrafik card. Härön is a small island with few cycling opportunities. The car park is located a ten-minute walk from the ferry, so arrive in good time.

LILLA BRATTÖN, summertime only. Departs from Stenungsund or Almön. Run by a private operator. For further information and current timetable, see www.granita.se

BASSHOLMEN, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the summer. Operated by Skärgårdsbåtarna i Uddevalla, name of the vessel: M/S Byfjorden. Departs from Uddevalla and must be pre-booked!

LYSEKIL & SMÖGEN each Thuesday from mid-July until beginning of August. Operated by Skärgårdsbåtarna i Uddevalla, name of the vessel: M/S Byfjorden. Departs from Uddevalla and must be pre-booked!

More info, Västtrafik’s services - www.vasttrafik.se 
More info and bookings, Gunnars Båtturer - www.gunnarsbatturer.com
More info and bookings, Skärgårdsbåtarna i Uddevalla - www.skargardsbatarna.com
More info and bookings, Strömma Kanalbolaget - www.stromma.se/goteborg/kanalbolaget


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