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Summer holiday in Bohuslän

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To make your next summer holiday truly unforgettable, choose Bohuslän as your destination and enjoy crystal-clear waters, fresh local seafood, an unspoilt natural landscape, and lots to see and do.

A 5-day trip - Island-hopping in Bohuslän

Island-hop through the beautiful archipelago of Bohuslän and gather unforgettable experiences. Below are some tips on pleasant boat trips, interesting sights, enjoyable activities and good places to stay between Marstrand and Uddevalla.

A road trip in the great outdoors

Sweden’s west coast is also home to no less than 8,000 islands. It’s therefore no surprise that this is one of Scandinavia’s best regions for outdoor activities. Here, visitors can partake in an endless array of outdoorsy activities from sea kayaking and canoeing to hiking and cycling.

Walking in Bohuslän

Walking in Bohuslän can be a rewarding experience in many different ways. Short day trips with fine accommodation and meals made from locally sourced food, or more strenuous hikes through challenging terrain. Whichever you prefer, the choice is huge.

Unique kayaking in Bohuslän

Cycling in Bohuslän

Swedes love a fika

You might not have heard of the word fika but when you come to West Sweden you are going to love doing it, sometimes three times per day, just like Swedes.

Taste of West Sweden - restaurants

Find restaurants that focus on local traditions and ingredients. These restaurants have been trained and certified by Taste of West Sweden, a trademark that guarantees top quality and can guide you to the best mealtime experiences West Sweden has to offer.

Family holidays

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Islands and coastal communities

Must-see sights and attractions

Castles, museums, forts and animal parks – Bohuslän has something for everyone, whether you are travelling on your own, with children or with a large group. This is an area you will want to return to over and over again. Below are some popular visitor destinations that are well worth a detour.

Celebrate Midsummer with the Swedes

There are few things that Swedes associate more with summer than the celebration of midsummer. Families and friends gather to enjoy dancing and singing, combined with delicious food and flavoured schnapps.

10 reasons to love Bohuslän

There are many reasons to love Bohuslän, but as we have a limited amount of space here is our top 10 here. We hope that you like the list.

Best Hotels in Bohuslän

Places to swim in Bohuslän


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