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Meet the Locals

Enjoy a taco fiesta in Borås, stay the night in the archipelago or share a ride to the wilderness of Nordens Ark. It is easier than you think to get close to the daily life in West Sweden. Here you can meet locals eager to share everything from their favorite hiking trails to cooking skills or a simple cup of coffee. We have also gathered inspiring stories and a few things to keep in mind if you are new to the sharing economy and want to learn more. Take the opportunity to explore the Swedish lifestyle from a local perspective.

Locals in West Sweden

There are many ways to experience everyday life or a new city from someone else’s perspective. It has never been so easy to personalise your trip before. Some might organise a guided tour, take you on a jogging tour or show you how to bake their favourite cake. The small and simple experiences are in focus here.


Find locals here >>


Find locals here >>


Find locals here >>

15 beginner’s tips!

The collaborative economy opens up for all kinds of sharing: gadgets, services and knowledge – and more people are getting interested in travelling in a way that brings you closer to the locals. But how does it work? We give you a beginner’s guide to the sharing economy that can help you get started.

What’s Tikitut community based tourism?

A ”glocal” meeting place and community inviting visitors in Gothenburg to explore the city beyond the usual tourist attractions. Choose between activities ranging from food to nature and culture.

More experiences in West Sweden

Besides exploring everyday life in West Sweden along with a local you can also enjoy several other interesting activities based on sharing. Pick fruit in someone’s garden or rent the outfit of the evening at Klädoteket, just to mention a few. Read more here.

Ride-sharing in West Sweden

We are Together is a ride-sharing service that helps you find a ride to places like the Nordic Watercolour Museum or Nordens Ark.

Camilla invites us for dinner

Tikitut community-based tourism offers an expedition of the unusual kind to places in northeast Gothenburg. Preferably along with food from around the world. I have booked a dinner at the Tikitut host Camilla Binjamen’s house and I am going to learn more about Assyrian dishes.


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