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Welcome to Meet the Locals

What can I find at Meet the Locals?

The West Sweden Tourist Board has gathered organisations, apps, Facebook groups and websites that all share a common goal to make visitors and locals meet  in various forms. At Meet the Locals you can also find individual locals who present themselves and what they like to share The sharing is the core of Meet the Locals and it comes in various forms: individuals who share their hobby or initiatives that minimse the use of recourses by sharing or borrowing instead of buying. It can for example be a service for sharing a ride instead of traveling alone in a car from A to B, or when someone shares leftover fruit from their garden for someone else to enjoy. You can even pack light because there are great clothes by Swedish designers available for hire. Or choose to stay at someone’s house to see what a home can look like in this part of the world.

How do I get in touch with a local?

All individual locals presented here have found the page and decided to describe their own hobbies and who they are. A local is considered to be an individual (not a commercial company or such) who are interested in meeting people and wants to share a slice of their everyday life or hobby. When you, as a visitor, want to meet a local you too have to fill in a brief questionnaire about yourself. We also recommend adding a link to your Facebook page. The tourism board will pass  the information on to the person in question and he/she will contact you directly if they are able to meet. The West Sweden Tourist Board has now done their part and it is up to you to decide on a time and place for your meeting. Any fees are paid directly to the local.

What can I expect from a meeting with a ”local” that I have found at Meet the Locals?

Nothing, really. This is a meeting set up between two individuals, where you together decide on the premises for a memorable meeting. It might open your eyes to new cultures, help you find a new friend, get new knowledge or something else. A local is committed to the opportunity by his/her own interested and has not signed any deal with the West Sweden Tourist Board.

Can something go wrong?

A meeting between people might not always go as planned. 
But most things can be solved with mutual respect and an open dialogue, even when things might not have gone as planned. Meet the Locals is a page for finding people, which means the West Sweden Tourist Board cannot take any responsibility if any party is not happy with the meeting.

What happens now?

Start by taking a look at meetthelocals.se to see the selection of  exciting meetings in everyday life that you might want to experience. You can also read articles about previous meetings and the sharing economy in general. You might find some useful tips if this is your first time trying, for example, ride-sharing. After doing some research you can simply choose whatever you feel like.

Welcome to Meet the Locals!

Anyone using the service Meet the Locals meet at your own responsibility and risk. The West Sweden Tourist Board does not take any responsibility  for damage that might occur when people meet via Meet the locals. You, as a visitor or as a local in the area around Gothenburg, therefore have no right to any form of compensation from the Tourist Board for any damage or injury that might occur at a meeting via Meet the locals.

Meet Locals from West Sweden


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