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Naturum Kosterhavet on South Koster island

At Naturum Kosterhavet exhibition centre on South Koster island, off the Bohuslän coast, you can learn everything you need to know about Kosterhavet National Park – Sweden’s first national marine park.

There is a ‘see and touch’ aquarium, exhibitions to experience, films to watch and books and brochures to be read. The friendly and expert staff would love to tell all about the national park and give you tips about where to go and what to see.


Film presentations and audio guide

Visit the auditorium at Naturum to see three fascinating films; The Kosterhavet National Park and Ytre Hvaler, Sweden’s national parks and Sweden celebrates 100 years of nature conservation. The films are around 18 minutes long.
There is also a free Audio Guide in Swedish, English and German that narrates the story of the permanent exhibitions.


Down at the beach

While you’re here discover South Koster island’s natural charms and walk the signposted trail that takes you along the shoreline. The centre all arranges marine discovery trips where you and your family or friends can discover the myriad life forms that live in the water here. You can try seine and net fishing, as well as digging for worms and mussels.


Try the Kosterhavet snorkel trail (summer and autumn)

You can go snorkeling in the shallow waters and look out for painted goby and the Baltic prawn, cockles and hermit crabs. Great for the kids. There is a ‘snorkel trail’ at the Rörvik bathing spot on South Koster and at Hasselbukten on the island of Saltö, which is signposted in the car park. Just follow the 200 metre-long blue rope at a depth of 1- 1.5 metres and there are signposts with pictures of the sea creatures you can find here and a bit of a story about them.


Contact information

Kosterhavets nationalpark
Hamnevägen 30
45205 Sydkoster
Phone: +46 10 2245400
Visiting adress: Ekenäs Bryggan



A warm welcome to Kosterhavet National Park. We are Sweden’s first marine national park and opened in September 2009.
The park is home to some 12,000 species of animal and plant life. Half live below water, the other half live above the water line. The park is home to some unique, some rare and some common creatures and plants. The park is run in a sustainable way to conserve its unique environments and to serve the best interests of nature and us human beings.

If you go on the marine discovery trip you can borrow waders, nets and marine binoculars from Naturum. Children must be accompanied by an adult on this trip.

Opening hours

Opening hours Naturum Kosterhavet opening times 2016
January 2nd – March 27th Thurs-Fri 11.00-17.00
Sat-Sun 11.00-15.00

Swedish school break
February 23rd- February 28th Tue-Sun 11.00-17.00

Easter break
March 28th –April 3rd Mon-Sun 11.00-17.00

April 7th – June 23rd Thurs-Sun 11.00-17.00

June 25th – August 21st Daily 10.00-18.00

August 22nd – August 28th Daily 10.00-17.00

September 1st – September 25th Thurs-Sun 11.00-17.00

September 29th – December 23rd Thurs-Fri 11.00-17.00

Autumn break
November 1st – November 6th Tues-Sun 11.00-17.00

Christmas holidays
December 27th – December 30th, January 2nd -8th 11.00-17.00

For more information visit kosterhavet.se.



Admission to Naturum is free


Directions Rail: Take the ‘Bohusbanan’ train. Car: Take the E6 motorway north to the border with Norway. Ferry: You can take the ferry from Norra Hamnen in Strömstad to the Koster Islands (part of the park) daily and year-round. From the islands of Resö, Rossö, Tjärnö and Saltö you get fine views of Kosterhavet.


Conference Contact us to book group guided tours and please see Contact Information for details

Public transport

Information about accessibility
You can take the ferry from Norra Hamnen in Strömstad daily and year-round, to Kosterhavet Naturum. www.kostermarin .se (timetable)
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