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Crayfish Safari and visit to Smögens Fish Auction

Join a fisherman out on the sea and fish crayfish, cook them and eat them right away freshly cooked and fresh!

The tour starts at Smögens Fish auction where a guide receives and gives a historical overview of auction activities and a good insight into today's Internet-based auction.

Crayfish - Nephrops Norvegicus

Crayfish is an elongated crustacean with ten spiny legs, five on each side. The front pair of legs is long and narrow with claws at the front. Crayfish is mostly buried in the open soft bottoms. Pale pink shell. Their diet consists of various crustaceans, worms and microscopic bottom fauna. Length of the body varies between 8 and 24 cm. The minimum size to catch it is 13 cm.

Crayfish caught with cages and living on the seabed about 50 meters down.

The trip takes about 3 hours. You boil the catch on board and enjoyed ago on an island togetherpicnic basket, or at the fisherman's boathouse.

Smögens Fish Auction

Started back in 1919. The auction was sold herring and mackerel, while other catch was submitted directly to the fish traders just like they previously did with all catch. The reason that the auction was started was that the fish had difficulty getting an acceptable price for the catch when it was entirely in the hands of collectors. 1939 was expanded to also include shellfish and other fish.

In 2005, the auction went from being a local, old-fashioned and time-consuming "flash sale" to a modern auction over the Internet with customers from all over Europe. Is today the most modern auction. Seafood accounts for the largest turnover and "Sneaked Shrimp" is a familiar concept.

The tour starts at 8.00 and takes about 45 minutes.

As a visitor you also get the opportunity to participate in internet auction to know about buying fishand seafood in a fictional auction. The guide also tells of fish and shellfish that are inside for the day and show images from Smögen.

Finally put it on the taste of fresh seafood before heading out to sea.

Back at the hotel you can relax in our spa area or take a walk on the newly opened trail horse, based underneath the hotel. In the evening enjoyed a three course meal.



Contact information

Hotell Smögens Hafvsbad
Hotellgatan 26
45651 Smögen
Phone: +46 523 668450
Booking: +46 523 668450
Fax: +46 523 668455
Email: info@smogenshafvsbad.se
Web site: http://www.smogenshafvsbad.se



The package includes;

* Accommodation in a double room

* Breakfast Buffet

* Crayfish Safari

* Visit Smögens Fish Auction

* Snack Basket

* Three course dinner

* Loan of slippers and bathrobes

* Entrance to the spa and fitness

* Coveralls included on crayfish safari but please bring your wellies

Price per person for 2195 SEK

Notify us if you have allergies of any kind before arrival


Opening hours

Opening hours Can be booked on Saturdays during the period 15 Mar-14 Jun & 23 Aug - 20 Sept. Packages must be booked at least three days before (ie Wednesday).



Price 2195 SEK per person.


Directions Drive over Smögen bridge.. Follow the main trail a bit further into the island and pass the football field. Shortly after, turn right at the sign "Smögens Hafvsbad", then follow signs to the hotel.


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