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Icebug Xperience – West Coast Rock Trail 4-6/9-2014

The Icebug Xperience is a new outdoor event in the archipelago of Bohuslän. Participants spend three days walking or running through a varied and stunning natural landscape. The region, ranked by CNN as the seventh most beautiful wilderness in the world, offers magical forests, agricultural land and the windswept coast, with its pink granite and smooth rocks.

Many other walking and running activities take place in a mountain setting; we wanted to instead show off the archipelago of Bohuslän, a unique natural environment. The event will be centred round the Ramsvikslandet area - between Hunnebostrand and Kungshamn.

Focus on food

Although the Icebug Xperience is a nature experience, it is also a culinary journey, as all our package trips include meals and accommodation. The food is modern and typical for the area, based around seafood and other locally produced ingredients, and prepared with a large pinch of love. We work with the renowned restaurateur Joakim Lundin, the man behind the popular restaurants Hummerkrogen and Bellas Gästis in Hunnebostrand.

The daily stages

Over three days, participants cover approximately 70 kilometres through a dramatic landscape. The route takes in Hunnebostrand, Ramsvikslandet, Kungshamn, Smögen, Bohus-Malmön and lots of picturesque places in between. Drinks stations will be provided along the route, and there will be somewhere to have lunch. The stages are clearly marked and will be manned by our stewards, who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Bring along the kids 

It’s perfectly alright to bring your kids to the event. For kids between 5-13 years of age, there will be various activities for them to participate in while the adults do the race. (Children under 5 years must be accompanied by an adult). The activities are led by pedagogues with vast experience in working with children. 

For further information about this event, which will take place on the 4-6 September 2014, please visit: www.icebugx.com

Contact information

Pathfinder Travels AB

456 26 Hunnebostrand
Phone: +46 31 7070080
Mobile: +46 707 817152
Email: info@icebugx.com
Web site: www.icebugx.se



For everyone to feel welcome and happy, we offer three packages.

Package 1: 590 €

Package 2: 495 €

Package 3: 170 €

Family package: 1140€ 
(2 adults and max 4 children)

For further information about the package please visit our website www.icebubx.com


Directions The Municipality of Sotenäs is 130 km north of Göteborg and 75 km south of Strömstad. The easiest way to get here is with our shuttle bus from Göteborg, included if you purchase packages 1 and 2. If you take your own car, it’s easiest to take the European route E6 either north or south and get off at exit 102 Dingelmotet and follow the signs towards route 171 to Kungshamn och Hunnebostrand.



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