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    Rock Carving Tour - animals, nature, culture

    An unforgettable expedition for the whole family where you will meet endangered animals, natural beauty and intriguing history. See you at the Havets Hus, Nordens Ark and Tanum World Heritage Site.


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    Nordens Ark Zoo


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    Havets Hus a saltwater aquarium


Accommodation for your Rock Carving Tour

Rock Carving Tour

Bring the whole family and experience, enjoy and meet the sharks below sea level, the forest's wildlife and visit the Bronze Age world unique rock carving. We offer an unforgettable expedition among the endangered animals, natural beauty and intriguing history, at the Havets Hus, the Nordens Ark and the Tanum World Heritage Site. Choose your accommodation here for your Rock Carving tour. We offer pleasant and hospitable places to stay. Stay at a hotel from the turn of the century, a hotel close to the seaside far from the noise and stress of the big city, or in the beautiful village of Bullaren.

Amazing places to visit

Rock Carving tour will take you to amazing places that are well worth seeing when you visit Bohuslän.. You will discover the unique world of rock carvings in Tanum, experience the endangered animals at Nordens Ark and discover life beneath the sea at the Havets Hus

Experience Bohuslän

The best natural- cultural experiences Bohuslän has to offer are close at hand. There are many activities that stimulate your senses. Paddle a canoe in Kosterhavet Marine National Park, climb on the sun-warmed rocks, fish for crabs, pick oysters and mussels on a boat ride or pick mushrooms and berries in the deep forests and enjoy the silence.


The rock carvings in Tanum are so unique that they are on the UNESCO World Heritage List

West Sweden and Bohuslän

West Sweden and Bohuslän, has much to offer - all year round. Here you get a small taste.


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