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    Cultural spots of Lerum

    Cultural and historical landmarks in the state of nature in Lerum area.


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Go explore in your own way.

When everything comes around, maybe it's not much that beats feeling to discover something on its own. However, the experience can also be enhanced with audio guides, quiz or games in your smartphone along the way - there and in place. Of course you should also be able to book a guided tour, if you wish. Anyway, many nature and cultural excursions await you. Hidden heritage does not mean forgotten, and there's a reason why you just find it - you're curious!

The Instagram traveller!

Follow the account @ballastebygden for the most recent images about experience opportunities as an alternative touristguide. Don't hesitate to share your photographs from your experience in Lerum with the hashtag #ballastebygden. We would love it!

"One night in Lerum and the world's your oyster."

Little boxes all full of useful information!

Here we have gathered a list of the gems of Lerum. The little square boxes which are just below, are for individual spots, which will allow you to check out the places one by one, and create your own adventure à la carte! And below the square boxes, you will find slightly larger boxes which hold information on projects. Some projects offer a bouquet of spots or activities that might inspire you, and some hold useful information on tools that you can rely on during your adventure. So, keep scrolling for all the beauties ahead! Enjoy!

Nääs Slottsområde

Home to many pearls

Skallsjö Kyrka

An exceptionally beautiful church amid the nature

Nääs Fabriker

An old gem with a fresh breath of air

Tollered Kraftstation

A hidden treasure

TCB House of Music

A cosy time-travel to 70's Rock 'n' Roll scene

Hillefors Grynkvarn

A slice of the local history

Dergårdens Hembygdspark

A glimpse into the local every-day-lifestyle in old times

Bävsjöryd Såg

Old times' traditional local industry with the smell of freshly cut wood

Nilssons El & Teknikmuseum

All about electricity's history, from 1850's to current times

Hjällsnas Mo

An outstanding village with ancient graves


Simply; the "art factory"

Tollereds Biograf

Different to what large towns are used to: A 24-seat independent movie theater

Sound guide "Vår historia berättar"

Discover designated spots with help from the sound guide

Book a guided tour!

Different trails, different stories. More information, Kom In Lerums kundcentrum tel. 0302-52 10 00.

Gråbo tracks

Offers of different tour routes in the town of Gråbo suitable for different needs and demands


Follow the retro route

Meet Korris - Learn Nature

"Naturfrågan"; A mobile application designed for kids, used by those (of all ages) with a dash of curiosity!

Coming soon

Coming soon: "More picnic to the people!"

At the moment, a project is being developed for even more nature and cultural experiences throughout the area.

Coming soon: "Göteborgs Insjörikes Pärlor!"

At the moment, a project is being developed for even more nature and cultural experiences throughout the area.


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