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  • Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

Relaxing minds at The 72 Hour Cabin in Dalsland, West Sweden

In autumn 2017, five people with stressful jobs were given the chance to try the Swedish ’closeto natur’ lifestyle and find a new perspective on life at a 72 hours stay, set in the natural surroundings of Dalsland.

The nature of Dalsland, in West Sweden is grand, wild and beautiful. With its deep forests, fells, verdant plans and myriad lakes, there are infinite opportunities for nature experiences. You can come for the walking trips, cycling, paddling, climbing, horse riding, fishing and foraging. Or just relax. Dalsland is a place that appeals to all the senses.

Photographer: Lasse Forsberg

Given Dalsland’s natural wonders it provides the perfect setting for the 72 Hour Cabin wellbeing project. An initiative of Visit Sweden and the West Sweden Tourist Board, the project aims at measuring the effect of a stay in Dalsland nature on the wellbeing of five individuals, all of who lead stressful lives. Each participant moved into their glass house accommodation on an island in Dalsland and participated in a number of activities including making a fire in the open, canoeing and activities that your average Swede normally enjoys while on vacation in Sweden. Nighttime the participants were able to enjoy the star-filled, clear skies through the glass ceiling of their room. Simultaneously, researchers from the renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm tracked the wellbeing of the participants. The results were positive and now everyone can enjoy the feeling of wellbeing in Dalsland’s natural surroundings.


Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

The 72 Hour Cabin built in Dalsland

The cabins have been designed by architectural student Jeanna Berger, the daughter of Henriksholm’s owners Staffan and Maria Berger. The plans were realised by Jeanna’s brother-in-law Jonas Fred Hell and his partner Robert Fridh of construction firm Fridh & Hells Bygg AB in the town of Bengtsfors. Because of the interest in the project more cabins are being built at Baldernäs Herrgård manor house and estate and at Dalslands Aktiviteter activity centre. The cabins are exactly the same, only the surroundings change.


Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

The 72 Hour Cabin at Henriksholm island, Ånimskog

The five original cabins are beautifully located on privately owned island Henriksholm in southeast Dalsland. You could say that Henriksholm is like a miniature Sweden – it has the same elongated shape and much of Sweden’s countryside is represented here; flatlands, high hills, woodland and meadow. The island is rich in rich flora and fauna; roe deer, badgers and foxes abound and even the rare white-backed woodpecker nests here. The nearby rift valley lake Ånimmen is abundant in pike, perch, eels, freshwater bream and roach. When you book this unique stay, on arrival you will be given tips on the wonderful local walking trails and you will receive a fishing road and have access to rowing boats.


Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

The 72 Hour Cabin at Baldernäs Herrgård manor house and estate at Dals Långed

The charming Baldernäs Herrgård manor house was built in 1910 and the estate stretches across the lush peninsula at lake Laxsjön. The cabins rise above the lake in a verdant and secluded part of the natural English-style parkland. You can explore and discover  the gorgeous natural scenery on foot or by canoe. You can also you enjoy a delicious meal at the manor house restaurant and luxuriate in the lakeside sauna when the mood takes you.

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

The 72 Hour Cabin at Dalslands Aktiviteter in Dals Långed

The cabins are located on a secluded 40 metre-high rise above lake Iväg at Dalslands Aktiviteter activity centre in the heart of Dalsland. The houses offer spectacular views across the lake and surrounding woodlands. As well as being able to enjoy the tranquil natural setting, there is fishing, kayaking or even panning for gold on Stenebyälven river to do. Nearby, you can go trail riding in the forest, or visit the moose park and see these magnificent creatures up close. For a walk on the wild side, take the guided forest walk and learn how to track wildlife and make a fire in the open.  Or try your hand at archery, where it’s all about controlled breathing, body posture and the magic moment when the arrow is propelled from the bow string.

Photographer: Roger Borgelid


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