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  • Photographer: Alexander Lagergren


Dalsland Kanotmaraton 2022

Sweden's finest canoe marathon.

Dalsland Kanotmaraton: 45 km

August 13th 2021 in Bengtsfors. 

More information coming soon.


Camp Dalsland

If you like to exercise by bike, kayak, canoe, or combine swimming and running, Dalsland has a huge range of roads, sea roads and trails. For those who like to do this together and maybe even in the competition format, Camp Dalsland arranges four races each year.

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Contact information

Camp Dalsland

Centrumvägen 2

666 30 Bengtsfors

Phone: +46 531 52 68 88

E-mail: info@campdalsland.se

Website: campdalsland.se