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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Brända berget - Höljerudsforsarna -Trail

Experience nature by foot

The hiking trail Brända berget - Höljerudsforsarna is 9 or 11 km long. The hostel Gammelgården in Bengtsfors is the starting point for the trail. Along the path are several resting areas with beautiful views over Bengtsfors and lake Bengtsbrohöljen.

Welcome to hike along the beautiful trail around Bengtsbrohöljen. You can start at the hostel in Bengtsfors. The trail is marked with red / white color and is approximately 9 km long. After about 2.5 km, there is a resting place with breathtaking view ovou the nice village. After about 4.5 km, the trail passes the Dalslands Canal and Höljerudsforsarna. From the southern end of the envelopes, the trail on the "Lelångenbanan" goes back to Bengtsfors.

If you want to experience even more breathtaking views, you can go on an additional loop of about 2 km down to the 18th lock of the Dalsland kanal (special sign after 4.5 km informs about it). Several suitable places where you can take a freak break!

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Bengtsfors Turistbyrå

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Phone: +46 531 52 63 55

E-mail: turist@bengtsfors.se

Website: dalsland.com