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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Roynes Sjömagasin

Restaurant & Accommodation with a beautiful view,

Nice accommodation, good food, a place to park a boat, hot tub for relaxation, and even a sauna. Hotel accommodation, conference, bridal showers, etc. and above all - Party!


Next to Dalsland's Canal in Gustavsfors and on the border between Dalsland and Värmland lies Roynes Sjömagasin. You can eat and drink well in a beautiful environment at favorable prices. Barbecue evenings and shrimp dinners are arranged as trubadur evenings.


There are a number of rooms for rent. Accommodation with good standard. Room with family room and kitchen attached. Toilets and shower are located at the corridor. The view from Roynes Sjömagasin is beautiful, across the Lelången and Dalslands Canal. Be sure to relax on the terrace.

Contact information

Roynes Sjömagasin

Bruksvägen 7

66693 Gustavsfors

Phone: +46 531 200 06

E-mail: info@roynesmagasin.se

Website: roynesmagasin.se