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The Porcelain Festival 16-17 august 2019– a thirty year old tradition

Porcelain has been made in Lidköping since the early 1900s. Rörstrand opened a factory there in the 1930s, manufacturing porcelain that soon found its way into every household in Sweden. It has now become a famous brand that has also achieved international recognition and renown.

That’s why Lidköping is the natural place in Sweden to hold a festival celebrating porcelain and ceramics. There’s an almost 100 year old ceramic tradition here, and a cultural heritage that has been preserved and developed with new technology, new markets, production and artistry. 

A porcelain themed festival was started back in the 1980s. Potters from all over Scandinavia have come to the festival over the years, and taken part in the Nordic Throwing Championships. This nearly 30 year old festival tradition has been cherished and nurtured with pride. 

The New Porcelain Festival is a festival that isn’t just aimed at people with a specific interest in ceramics and crafts.  We’re creating a forum for ceramicists of any level. A festival where professionals can also meet up to exchange experiences and make new contacts, helping to develop their work.

The packed programme includes exhibitions, interesting talks, family activities, a high quality ceramics market, the Nordic Throwing Championships, Afternoon Tea, factory tours and much more.

Welcome to Lidköping, Sweden’s ceramics and porcelain centre – Porcelain Town Lidköping.