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Stanna hemma om du är sjuk, tvätta händerna ofta, håll avstånd och undvik att resa kollektivt. Tillsammans bromsar vi smittspridningen av covid-19.

For the latest updates regarding the corona virus (COVID-19), read the information put together by The Public Health Agency of Sweden  

Bunkering & Services

Here you will find information on where to find grocery stores, systembolag (liquor) and pharmacies to where to empty the latrine and garbage.

Take care of your garbage and trash

Together we take care of our nature - Pleace throw your garbage in the garbage stations that you will find in the guest harbors and at the lock stations.

Septic tank evacuation

There are pump out stations at the following five guest harbors with suction emptying of latrine tanks can be done free of charge.

The pump out stations suction nozzle is made of soft rubber and fits with size 32-50 mm. Emptying so-called porta-potti toilets (portable toilet) can be made at most guest harbors.

Since 2015, Sweden has had a law prohibiting the discharge of toilet waste from boats. The ban applies to all leisure boats.


The opportunity to refuel is available in several places along the canal. 
See where here


We have listed the Supermarkets from south to the north. We have set a maximum distance to the lock or guest harbor at 500 meters:

Coop Åsensbruk - Upperudshöljen
Storvägen 32, 46440 Åsensbruk
The Visitor, Håverud - Upperudshöljen
Upperudsvägen 4, 464 72 Håverud
Coop Mustadfors - Råvarpen
Enetsvägen 15, 666 95 Dals Långed
Handlar'n Dals Långed - Långbrohöljen
Stenebyvägen 30, 660 10 Dals Långed
ICA Nära Billingsfors - Laxsjön
Stenebyvägen 13, 666 41 Billingsfors
ICA Supermarket Bengtsfors - Lelång
Centrumvägen 10, 666 30 Bengtsfors
Coop Bengtsfors, Lelång
Storgatan 9, 666 30 Bengtsfors
ICA Optimisten Lanthandel, Gustavsfors, Lelång
Årjängsvägen 31, 666 93 Gustavsfors
ICA Supermarket Årjäng, Västra Silen
Kvarnåsgatan 8A, 672 30 Årjäng
Handlar'n Sommarvik, Västra Silen
Sommarvik, 672 91 Årjäng
ICA Supermarket Töcksfors, Foxen
Lindudden 3, 670 10 Töcksfors
MaxiMat Töcksfors, Foxen
Älverudsvägen 1, 670 10 Töcksfors
Handlar'n Nössemark, Stora Le
Nössemarks-Strand 130, 668 91 Ed
Coop Dals-Ed, Stora Le
Delesgatan 7, 668 30 Ed
(ca 1,5 km from the harbor)


Systembolaget, Bengtsfors
Berglunds gränd 1, 666 30 Bengtsfors

Systembolaget, Dals-Ed
Delesgatan 7, 668 30 Ed
Systembolaget, Årjäng
Storgatan 47, 672 30 Årjäng


Apotek Hjärtat, Bengtsfors
Storgatan 7, 66630 Bengtsfors
Apotek Hjärtat, Ed
Magasinsgatan 10, 66830 Ed
Apoteket Foxen, Töcksfors
Älverudsvägen 1, 67010 Töcksfors
Apoteket Kronan, Årjäng
Storgatan 47, 67230 Årjäng

Where you can find a bank

  • Bengtsfors
  • Billingsfors (Just ATM)
  • Årjäng
  • Dals-Ed
  • Töcksfors

In the same places you can also find a ATM.

Health centers are located in the following locations

  • Bengtsfors
  • Dals-Långed
  • Dals-Ed
  • Mellerud
  • Årjäng
  • Töcksfors


Distriktsveterinärerna - In Bäckefors
Balders väg 11, 668 40 Bäckefors
Tel. 010 122 93 20

Smådjursveterinären - In Åmål
Drottning Kristinas väg 2, 662 30 Åmål
Tel. 0532 160 02


Taxi Väst

Roadside assistance / emergency boat transport
Tel. 020-912 912