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Many of the questions we receive from those interested in planning a trip at the Dalsland Canal are of the same kind. Here we have chosen to compile the most common questions - and the answers.

Is it difficult or risky to pass the locks?
No not at all! But it is important that you follow the lock keeper's instructions. The lock keepers are very experienced and know exactly how they want it to make your lock passing secure and comfortable.

Are there queues at the locks?
It depends on when in the season you visit the Dalsland canal. During high season - in July - we have the most boats in the lake system. Then, of course, it may happen that you have to wait a while to go through the lock. The lock keeper can usually assess how long you have to wait. If you have to wait, this is because we are going to release a passenger boat or we have a bridge opening for trains. If there are queues, they are usually short. Longer queues can occur in Håverud and Långed. Then it is advisable to shop, look around or drink a cup of coffee.

Last time to lock through for the day?
The basic rule is that you can´t start lock through if you can´t finish before closing time. After closing time, it is not possible to use the lock.

In Håverud and in Dals Långed it takes 1 hour to go through the lock, so you need to arrive at least an hour before the lock closes to have time to go through the lock that day.

What time should I start in Håverud so as not to risk queuing?
It is advisable that you are a bit of a morning person here and start closing in immediately when the locks open in the morning. Then you win a lot of time.

What excursion destinations / attractions are worth visiting while passing the canal?
There are a wide range of interesting sights and attractions. If we restrict ourselves to those close to the channel, the following could be a selection (here you will find more information):

Upperud: Dalslands Konstmuseum (own jetty), Upperud 9: 9 (own jetty)

Håverud: Aqueduct, Canal Museum, Dalsland Center

Tisselskog: The rock carving area (own jetty)

Bengtsfors: Gammelgården, straw museum, stunning views

Töcksfors: Ögårn in Dusserud

Where can I rent a canoe?
In the Dalsland canal's lake system there are about 15 canoe renters. A number of lessors have joined forces in a cooperative organization SCOA (Scandinavian Canoe Outfitters Association). Here you will find canoe renters with long experience.

Where to buy food?
You shop conveniently in the urban areas or larger communities you pass. Here are some along the canal!

Where can I fill fresh water?

Fresh water is available in all guest harbors. In addition, fresh water is available at several lock stations.

Where are liquor stores, Systembolag?
Systembolag: Bengtsfors, Årjäng, Dals-Ed. Delivery points: Gustavsfors (Optimistens Lanthandel) 0531-20001, Lennartsfors (Nya Lennartsfors Brukshandel) 0573-30007, ICA Sillerud 0573-40150. Töcksfors (Nya Köttboden) 0573-29190.

Where is the bank?
Banks can be found at the major locations: Bengtsfors, Billingsfors, Årjäng, Dals-Ed, Töcksfors. At these places there are also ATMs.

How much does it cost to lock?

All prices can be found here!

Can you go by sailboat on the canal?
Yes! You have a sail-free mast height of 26 meters to Håverud. Then 17 meters to Lennartsfors. After Lennartsfors we have a sail-free mast height of 15.5 (14.5) meters. Keep track of the chart.

NOTE! Max depth in the locks 1.80m.

Can you pay for one lock at a time or for the entire channel?
You can buy a single ticket, but it only makes sense if you are taking a shorter trip involving just one or a few lock stations. For longer journeys, we recommend that you purchase a return ticket. But you can always extend your trip by adding tickets. You book your tickets here.

How far can I go?
If you study the table on the page "Passing times" you get an idea of ​​the time needed, both to lock and to move between the locks.

How long does it take to go the entire canal?
The Dalsland canal has about 250 km of navigable fairway. In order to enjoy what the Dalsland canal has to offer and not have to stress, you should expect to be able to spend 8-10 days. Then you can take the entire lake system at a slow pace.

One can say that the lake system consists of two parts:

The Köpmannebro - Bengtsfors route: A section where you pass several utility communities and beautiful lock stations. Here are several interesting sights.

The route north Bengtsfors: North of Bengtsfors the nature of the lake system changes. Here you will encounter long narrow lakes, a wilderness-like nature with almost unlimited number of pictures, bays and sound, lots of nature ports.

Not to forget: There are three parts of the canal that should be mentioned specifically; Snäcke canal that runs from Snäcke lock station across Ånimmen to Strömmen lock station and further over the lake Ärr to Fröskog. An irresistibly beautiful part of the lake system. In Fröskog you can buy food by calling the farmer in Fengersfors who comes and fetches you so that you can bunk.

Lakes Östra- and Västra Silen which you reach by halfway on Lelången go into Gustavsfors. Fjord-like character with exciting sights. At the lock station in Krokfors you can buy milk and bread, kiosk goods and newly smoked salmon.

How long in advance should I order land transport?
You should contact the land carrier at least 14 days prior to transport. You can find more information on the page "Land transport".

Are there trailer ramps where you can put in your boat?
Yes, we have expanded with trailer ramps along the lake system. If we start from the south, you will find ramps at the following places:

Upperud: The lock station, the guest harbor

Bengtsfors: Guest Harbor

Gustavsfors: Guest harbor

Yearbook: Guest harbor

Lennartsfors: Guest harbor

Töcksfors: Guest harbor

Overtime: Guest Harbor

Nössemark: Guest harbor

Ed: Guest harbor

Is there electricity in the guest ports?
Most guest ports have electricity.

Is there a special nautical chart for the canal?
Yes, The Dalsland canal has a chart together with Trollhätte Canal. If you are planning to go with your own boat, we would definitely recommend that you buy this chart - partly because you get a better basis for your planning and not least for your safety. Here you can order charts.