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  • Photographer: Henrik Trygg


A little tip: Buy a RETURN ticket. It’s cheaper and more straightforward. This means you only have to pay once – when you start your journey – and enjoy access to the whole canal and every lock. It’s only worth getting a single ticket if your journey is short.

Return tickets

Return tickets are valid for the entire Dalsland Canal lake system (all locks, there and back).

  • up to 4.99 m – SEK 2,100
  • from 5.00 m to 7.99 m – SEK 2,700
  • 8 m and over – SEK 3,400

Single tickets

Single tickets are best for those intending to pass through one or more lock stations.

  • up to 4.99 m – SEK 50/lock chamber
  • from 5.00 m to 7.99 m – SEK 120/lock chamber
  • 8 m and over – 160 SEK/lock chamber

Dinghy trailer*

  • Dinghy trailer or pleasure craft – SEK 30/lock chamber

Caravan pontoons

  • Caravan pontoons must be classed and approved for transport on water – SEK 200/lock chamber


  • Up to 5.99 m – SEK 40/lock chamber
  • From 6.0 m – SEK 115/lock chamber

How to pay

Lock fees are payable at the lock station you reach first, for the section you intend to travel. You can also buy a ticket for every single lock station you intend to pass. Fees to be paid by cash or Swish (only in Swedish currency). You may pay by card at Köpmannebro, Lennartsfors and Töcksfors (American Express not accepted).


Please note:

– Unused lock tickets are non-refundable.
– Return tickets are valid to all locks and back only once during a single season.

* Where dinghy trailers are moored so that only the stern trails in the water, no fee will be charged.