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Low water levels in the Dalsland canal's lake system

Right now, the northern parts of the canal system have low water levels, due to the lack of rainfall recently. This currently applies to the lakes Foxen and Stora Le, north of Lennartsfors lock station. The fairways in the Dalsland canal still hold at least 180 cm, but always remember to take great care when navigating outside of the fairway.

Please note!
The depth of the chart always refers to the depth at normal water levels.

There is a coordination group for the Upperudsälven where power companies and other operators, the municipalities and the County Administrative Board are included. In the coordination group, the water situation is monitored continuously to handle the situation in the best way possible based on the conditions.

The situation is continuously updated (in Swedish) at The County Administrative Board website.

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We wish you a pleasant journey on the Dalsland canal!
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