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  • Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Passenger boats on the canal

Travel on Dalsland's canal with a turn-of-the-century passanger boat that take you through the beautiful surroundings along the canal. During the summer, the boats depart every day from both Bengtsfors and Håverud.

Most people choose to do a round-trip on the canal. This means that you take a passenger boat in one direction and then take the rail bus back to where you started. 

The boats depart every day 
June 14 - August 28 in 2021

The boats depart every day from both Bengtsfors and Håverud. You choose to board where it suits you best. DVVJ's rail bus ensures that you always will get back to where you started.

TRIP TIME PRICE  Description
Complete Canal trip 6 h 485 SEK /pp Travel Håverud – Bengtsfors or vice versa with the Channel boats.
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Half the Canal trip 3.5 h 430 SEK / pp

Travel Håverud – Långbron or vice versa. 
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Short Canal trip 2.5 h 290 SEK / pp Travel Långbron - Bengtsfors with the boat. You choose, if you want to start with the boat or the rail car.
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You can of course choose to just go by boat and book a one-way ticket. You will find all the tickets, trips, timetables and more information on the Dalslands kanaltraffik's website.

Have lunch on board

There is a restaurant with full rights on board on both M/S Storholmen and M/S Dalslandia where lunch is served. Lunch is not included in the price. But you can order lunch when you book. There is also a self-service coffee bar on board.

DVVJ - Railway

Travel between Bengtsfors and Mellerud by rail bus. DVVJ operates the route with its Y1 motor vehicles from the 80s. The train stops at several places and cooperates with the passenger boats.