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  • Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Experience more - ride a trolley!

Riding a trolley is exciting and easy at the same time. Namely, it rolls pretty well when steel wheels meet steel rails. And you can't get lost either ... just follow the track.

Between Bengtsfors and Årjäng you will find an old train route which today can be experienced trampling with the dressin. It is 50 km long, scenic and passes plenty of nice stops for swimming and coffee breaks.

Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Suitable for the whole family

Cycling is suitable for almost all ages - although those who are a bit younger may not reach the trams, there is room for passengers on all trolleys. You may need to lift the trolley on and off several times, so be sure you can lift.

Single or tandem?

Choose between single and tandem trolley. The tandem drincher requires less of the tramper because you are always two who help each other uphill. You can adjust the length of your trip yourself and can turn the trolley around at any time and return.

Combine more

Cycling trolley combines exercise and fresh air with beautiful views and wonderful nature experiences. If you want to both ride a trolley and paddle there is plenty of opportunity to combine.

Photographer: Rhino


Bengtsfors - Årjäng (50 km)
The distance between Bengtsfors and Årjäng is a total of 50 km long and you can rent the trolleys from DVVJ in Bengtsfors. The trip in the border region between Dalsland and Värmland is varied and beautiful - not for nothing is the route called the beautiful views railway. You pass several fine bathing lakes on your turn so if the weather permits it is a good idea to bring your swimwear with you. Kiosk is available at Silverlake Camp in Kråkviken, while country stores and restaurants are available in Gustavsfors. Along the way there are several rest areas and overnight accommodation. Combine with a paddle trip!