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The Värmland tour

A journey through the northern parts of the Dalsland canal between Årjäng and Östervallskog. Take your leisure boat on a trip with magnificent nature and many pleasant stops along the way. Make a stop at the sweet summer resort Gustavsfors, eat ice cream by the majestic lock stairs in Lennartsfors and discover the cozy Töcksfors canal with opportunities for both shopping and wild swimming.

The Värmland tour

The Värmland tour takes you between Årjäng and Östervallskog at the northern end of the canal. Through lakes such as Västra silen, Lelång and Foxen which are characterized by its beautiful nature. There are also plenty of stops for coffee at summer cafes, shopping and attractions.

Travel time Årjäng to Östervallskog: approx. 8 h.

Recommended travel time: 3-5 days.

Number of lock stations: 3 (Gustavsfors, Lennartsfors, Töcksfors)

Number of guest harbors along the way: 5

Service and attractions:

Årjäng: Urban town known for its big troll and trotting track with associated trotting museum.
Gustavsfors: Summer resort with grocery store, café, guest harbor and small museum.
Lennartsfors: Cafés, crafts and a nice guest harbor and motorhome park.
Töcksfors: Known for its border trade and shopping center. Eat well and enjoy.
Östervallskog: The northernmost part of the canal. Cozy guest harbor and country store surrounded by nature.

Price from SEK 520
Any overnight stay in the guest harbors is paid in the guest harbor.

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Restaurants, cafes, guest harbors, attractions & services

Return ticket

Boat length Price
<4,99 m SEK 520 
5-6,49 m SEK 950
6,49-7,99 m SEK 1380
8-9,99 m SEK 1750
10-13,99 m SEK 2300
>14 m SEK 3300 


Land transport

If you want to start / continue your journey to the Halden Canal, the West Coast or Arvika, land transport is available.

  • Nössemark / Halden
  • Ed / West Coast
  • Töcksfors-Arvika

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Book your trip in advance and get all your lock tickets in one and you will get through the canal more easily.

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The Dalsland canal is not a straight canal but rather a labyrinth of large and small lakes. There are therefore plenty of beautiful tours to choose from. This means that you can visit the canal again and again and constantly find new tours.