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  • Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Best Canoeing Lakes in Europe

In Dalsland you as a canoeist have the opportunity to experience nature closeup,wild and genuine. Feel like an adventurer,find serenity and experienceprivacy even though you are only 180kilometers from Gothenburg and the closestcommunity is not far away. Shelters,toilets and dry logs for a warming fire arealways near and then not to forget theappealing unique nature of Dalsland.

Paddle in the lakes of Dalsland


Dalsland Nordmarken

The DANO Lake District, otherwise known as Dalsland-Nordmarken’s lake system, is unique in many ways. The surrounding area is characterized by a hilly landscape with many deeply cut and narrow clear water lakes. This is not a small territory either! DANO District is an area of almost 10.000 square kilometers. There is a widespread
system of innumerable lakes and waterways linked together by cross connections with Dalslands canal.
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Perfectly made for canoeing

This is by far one of Europe’s finest lake systems, rich in nature with clean air and fresh water. DANO - Lake District is created for canoeing. A large majority of the lakes are long and narrow with almost no waves to speak of. When it’s coffee time and you need some fresh water, just dip the coffee pot into the lake. The water is crystal clear. It is said that as a canoeist you come closest to nature. Almost silently you glide forward without disturbing the wildlife that surrounds you. You become part of nature.

Paddle in the lakes of Dalsland


Nature conservation card

The lake system currently has over 100 prepared campsites, all equipped with wind shelters, open fire pits, wood and environmentally friendly toilets. The service is not only convenient for canoeists but contributes greatly to limit wear and tear in sensitive natural areas. Campsites are made possible by canoeists purchasing a Naturvårdskort, Nature Conservation Card, and by doing so can avail themselves of the camping facilities. By obtaining this card you contribute to sustainable tourism and show that you take a conscious responsibility for our common resources.
The Environmental Protection cards are available at all tourist offices, rental agencies and online at Cards are also available from Nature Wardens who patrol the lake system offering
valuable information and help to visiting canoeists and boaters.

Lake side camp

Canoe Country

CANOE COUNTRY is a combined canoe map and handbook for canoeing in the Dalsland Nordmarken lake system. With a total of 40 pages, richly illustrated in color, CANOE COUNTRY is an important part of the planning and execution of your canoe trip. The handbook offers information on natural conservation, campsites, plant and animal life, canoeing techniques, planning and safety. The book is a must for anyone planning to canoe or kayak in the Dalsland Nordmarken lake system. The booklet is in English and printed on waterproof paper, it is available to purchase from all tourist offices, rental agencies and online at


App for the Dalsland Canal

The app will help you plan your trip. It contains useful information for when you are on or in proximity to the canal such as information about recreational boats, canoeing, passenger boats, attractions and accommodation. The app is free of charge and available for Android and iPhone in Swedish, English and German.
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Come closer to nature


Enjoy the tranquility and come closer to nature on a canoe trip through one of Europe's finest lake systems with Silverlake Camp & Canoe in Bengtsfors.