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  • Photographer: Stefan Isaksson

  • Photographer: Magnus Ström

This is the reel deal!

  • Johan Bloch

Fishing. You see them sometimes when you wander along the banks of a fast flowing stream – the fly fishermen. You find them here and there, with their flexible rods, waders, and focused expressions. Long moments of waiting that switch, in the blink of an eye, to a thrashing drama.

And it’s that precise moment that has made me so keen to try fly fishing. It looks calming and exciting at the same time. And unlike other types of sport fishing I’ve tried, fly fishing seems to demand a little bit more of its practitioner in terms of casting technique, materials, and a knowledge of how the fish live and move in the water. 

But what are the options if you want to go fly fishing in Dalsland? With over 1,000 lakes in a relatively small area, surely there must be loads of great places to fish. So why not call and ask one of Dalsland’s real experts on the subject, fishing guide, Andy van Assema?


“Hi Andy! What’s the fly fishing like in Dalsland?”

“Great thanks! Interest in fly fishing is increasing every season and I’m getting more and more enquiries. But what’s really great is the growth in sport fishing in general in Dalsland. When I started out as a fishing guide, five years ago, the majority of our foreign guests came from the Netherlands. Nowadays, they come from all over the world.”


“How did you end up in Dalsland?”

“Well, I grew up in the Netherlands, but my parents and I often holidayed in Sweden. As an adult, I’ve been here as both a tourist and an amateur fisherman, and over the course of 15 years, I managed to visit a lot of different places before finding Dalsland. And it was love at first sight! I found everything I wanted here – the forests, the small lakes, and the fantastic Lake Vänern. So for the past five years, I’ve been living here with my wife and our two kids. And they like it just as much as I do.”


“What are your tips for people looking to fish in Dalsland?”

“A car, a cottage, and a group of fishing-mad friends are a good start. And if you need some tips or practical help ahead of your trip, then it’s a good idea to get in touch with a guide. When someone engages my services, it might involve anything from suggesting a good place to stay to acting as their guide on their first day’s fishing. And if you want to learn a particular skill, I can also organise a range of courses. Casting technique, for example.”


“What’s the ultimate fishing experience?”

“That’s exactly what I try and create every day. The variation in fishing waters here in Dalsland is so huge that we can fulfil most fishermen’s fantasies, whether they want to fly fish in a fast flowing stream, fish from a float tube in a small forest lake, or take a boat and a trolling rod out on Lake Vänern. My job is to give every group exactly what they want.” 

Andy ends by saying that nothing is impossible in Dalsland, which sounds incredibly promising. It’s wonderful to find a place that can offer pretty much everything in the fishing line. Dalsland is the Reel Deal – in more ways than one!


Information about fishing in Dalsland

Water: water makes up 11% of the landmass, making Dalsland the most lake-dense province in Sweden, with a 10,000km² lake system.

Huge diversity: Dalsland has everything from deep, cold lakes to small tarns and shallower, nutrient-rich lakes. And Lake Vänern, of course! There is a wide variety of different environments for a huge wealth of species, such as bass, bream, pike, zander, greyling, lake salmon, freshwater ling, rainbow trout, char, tench, brown trout – to mention but a few!

Optimum for: coarse fishing, spin fishing, trolling, and fly fishing

Other: fishing permit required


Dalsland Fishing, Bengtsfors

Fishing: salmon trolling, float tube fishing, fishing courses for girls, family fishing, etc.

Fishing experience package (incl. accommodation, boat and guide)

Fishing boat rental


Sportfishing Dalsland, Fengersfors

Fishing: trolling, spin fishing, jerkbait fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, etc.

Fishing experience package (incl. accommodation, boat and guide)

Fishing boat rental