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Hike, sleep and eat in Dalsland

Put on your hiking boots and enjoy Dalsland's nature - beautiful views during the day and relaxation in the evening. Here you will find tips on where to find unique accommodation, good food and a picnic for today's hike.


Combine hiking and luxury

 Baldersnäs Herrgård, Dals Långed

Experience a luxurious hiking package with everything extra. At Baldersnäs Herrgård you live in a fantastic manor house environment with a view of a lush park surrounded by nature. Their restaurant "Öjentorps kök" is extraordinary and their food comes from their own garden and local producers.

  • Including: 2 Nights at the hotel, breakfast, coffee, packed lunches and fine dining.
  • Don't  miss: A relaxing moment - sauna, jacuzzi or massage chair.
  • Closest trail: The hiking trail by Världens ände (the worlds end)



Nature, trails and wild swimming at Kroppefjäll

 Kroppefjäll B&B, Dals Rostock

In the middle of Dalsland by forrests, mountains and lakes you will find Kroppefjäll Bed & Breakfast. With lots of stimulating outdoor activities in the old spa town of Dals Rostock. Enjoy outdoor cooking and long hikes. And you can bring your dog! 

  • Including: 2 Nights at the B&B, breakfast, packed lunches and outdoor cooking.
  • Don't  miss: The small but different trail of Doktor Saedén, with about twenty monuments along the way; such as temples, lighthouses and inscriptions in the mountain.
  • Closest trail: Kroppefjäll trail and Karl XII way



Hike with All Inclusive

 Swedish Country Living, Köpmannebro

At Swedish Country Living, you live in a truly unique accommodation in the Dalsland countryside with wild forests and beautiful waterways surrounding you. Live off-grid in their hermitage houses built in a sustainable way. With no electricity or running water you can relax and enjoy the open fireplace and explore your surroundings.

  • Including: 2 Nights, transport, all meals equipment and maps.
  • Don't  miss: Enjoy the included canoe or kayak.
  • Closest trail: The Pilgrim trail



Take a hike on the Pilgrim trail 

 Håverud hotel, Håverud

At Håveruds Hotell you live in the middle of the summer action, near Dalsland's most popular destination - the aqueduct in Håverud. The hotel has a magnificent view of Lake Upperudshöljen, which invites to both swimming and canoeing. There are several nice hiking trails in the area, the most well known is the Pilgrim Trail.

  • Including: 2 Nights, Picnic lunch, maps and dinners. 
  • Don't  miss: The hotel's relaxation area with both jacuzzi and sauna.
  • Closest trail: The Pilgrim trail



Grand hiking at Ragnerud

 Ragnerud, Högsäter

Ragnerud is located by Lake Ragnerudsjön and Kroppefjälls nature reserve in scenic and beautiful Dalsland. They offer short and long hiking experiences with accommodation in a cabin and fine food. Do you have no hiking equipment? No problem. You can rent all the equipment you may need at Ragnerud.


  • Enjoy the nature: Stay in a cabin with breakfast, lunch, dinners, sauna and maps.
  • For the whole family: Stay in a cabin, mini golf, playground, canoes and breakfast, lunch and dinners.



2 X Pilgrim trail hiking

 Upperud 9:9, Upperud

With a hundred-year history as a grain warehouse, Upperud 9: 9 has been transformed into a modern and unique hotel with modern and artfull design. Here you can choose between 3-day or 5-day packages with pilgrim hiking. 


  • 3 or 5-days with overnight stays, breakfast, lunch, dinner and transport.



Hike in Dalsland

The hiking trails in Dalsland are many and varied. Hike over mountains, along Lake Vänern in the archipelago or through our beautiful national park. Here you will find more information about our hiking trails, maps and accommodation in connection with our hiking destinations.