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Photographer: Robert Dahlberg

A Taste of West Sweden - new restaurants

Did you know that a whole new batch of restaurants have recently been accredited and are now members of A Taste of West Sweden? Let’s find out a bit more about these new foodie destinations, where the best food from their region takes centre stage.

1. The Mussel Bar, Ljungskile

Locally sourced, immaculately fresh mussels served in classic or original combinations that always have a wow factor. Add a picturesque historic setting and you have a gourmet experience well worth a visit. Read more >>

2. The Mussel Bar, Smögen

Historic Smögen is where the action is, always teeming with people and boats. Delicious local mussels will be on the menu when the Mussel Bar opens up right next to the famous boardwalk. Read more >>

3. Sjösidan, Åmål

Newly opened Sjösidan, with its restful, stunningly beautiful view of Lake Vänern, aims to be more than just a great place to eat. It’s possibly Åmål’s most interesting restaurant, with top quality ingredients the cornerstone of the menu. Read more >>

4. Sju Sjöar Öxnevalla

Fantastic food served in equally impressive surroundings sums up this restaurant in Öxnevalla. The focus is on organic ingredients, and an ongoing commitment to sustainability. Read more >>

5. Spira Food, Gothenburg

Put together three accomplished chefs with a mutual culinary philosophy and you’ll get Spira Food. Well made, really good fare served from a Food Truck, providing you with appetising food experiences made with seasonal ingredients.

6. Lilla Spinneriet, Lindome

A charming old brick mill in Lindome houses chef Katja Palmdahl’s place, where the ambition is to make all guests happy. The restaurant offers a seasonally influenced menu and pastries made from locally produced as well as organic ingredients.

7. AnyDay Botanical Garden, Gothenburg

At long last garden lovers have a place to sit and just enjoy the view, either at an outside table or inside restaurant AnyDay, in the Botanical Garden. Great food, pastries and drinks – there’s something for everyone here.

8. Köksträdgården, Lockryd

Opening shortly is A Taste of West Sweden’s first roadside restaurant. Good home cooked food made with seasonal ingredients, as well as wholesome and healthy vegetarian dishes.

9. Teaterbaren, Falköping

Traditional and contemporary cuisine is on the menu at Teaterbaren, in a lovely relaxed setting.

10. Kurorten, Mösseberg

Arvid’s Restaurant, in the Kurorten Mösseberg four star hotel and spa in Falbygden, creates delightful culinary experiences shaped by the seasons. Read more >>

11. Jernbruket, Floda

Real food made from local produce is at the heart of Jernbruket. Cooked on a wood grill fire pit, or smoked, in keeping with a culinary philosophy that is both appealing and natural.

12. Skärets Krog, Smögen

Seasonally inspired menus giving you a taste of ingredients that have been freshly caught, harvested, or sourced from local farms. All this from Skärets Krog, a restaurant with a great view of the harbour entrance, situated right in the middle of the boardwalk in Smögen.

13. Strömstad SPA

Enjoy great food and drinks after a spa treatment, right by the edge of the sea. Read more >>


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