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Edible Country

Photographer: Tina Stafren


Making food with ingredients from nature’s pantry is something people have always done.  Now we’re making it easier for you all to do that by inviting you here to try local food and drinks made with nature’s own ingredients.  Welcome to Sweden – the Edible and The Drinkable Country!

This is how it works

Visit Sweden, in collaboration with the regional tourist organisations, has placed handmade wooden tables around Sweden that are bookable between May and September. When you book a table you will also receive information about what is included for each of the respective tables.

When are they open?

To a certain extent nature’s own restaurant is always open in Sweden. Thanks to the Right of Public Access most of nature’s ingredients are available to all, 24 hours a day – all year round. The actual tables are bookable from May to September.

Photographer: Tina Stafren

How does the booking work?

Tables are booked directly via the respective companies that manage them. The tables are bookable from May to September. There are places for max eight people around the table if the company responsible books two parties at the same time. However The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends max four people per booking. When you have booked the table you will be contacted by the company who will provide you with more practical information about the experience.

What will the menu and recipe be?

The menu varies depending on which table you book, but it will be traditional Swedish food with ingredients that are typically found here in West Sweden.  The respective menus are created by talented local chefs. It’s a do-it-yourself menu with food which you and your dinner companions make together outdoors. Several of the ingredients are even ones you can find yourselves in forests, fields and the sea. But you will also receive a cookery kit, a basket of the main ingredients and plates, cutlery and glasses. At some of the tables you can also book guides, chefs or other activities.

When you book a drinks experience you will receive a recipe created by one of Sweden’s foremost mixologists for an alcohol free drink, a drinks kit, a basket of ingredients with the main items and other local drinks. To get the best outcome we recommend you book both the food and the drink experience.


The tables in West Sweden

The tables are located all over Sweden. Here in West Sweden you’ll find two tables: one out on the unique rocky landscapes of Ramsvik in Bohuslän and one in a leafy wooded grove right by the Göta Canal. There are, in other words, two completely different places to choose from!

The table - Ramsvik

Ramsvikslandet is a nature reserve, and with its breathtaking views of the sea will create a food and nature experience you’ll remember for a long time. The table stands on Ramsvik, around 90 minutes north of Gothenburg, and only 11 km from the island of Smögen.

The table - Göta Canal

It’s not surprising that the Göta Canal was voted Swedish Construction of the Century. The table stands in a shady forest glade, around two hours north east of Gothenburg.

National availability

At visitsweden.com you can read more about the national projects ‘The Edible Country’ and ‘The Drinkable Country’. You can also find other tables around Sweden that are all in gorgeous locations.

The Edible Country

Cook together with good friends, discover new and exciting ingredients and get close to Swedish nature. There are three tables you can book in West Sweden: one on Ramsvik in Bohuslän, one at Gunnebo House near Gothenburg and one by the Göta canal.