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  • Photographer: Jonas Eltes & Victor Falk

FAQ - The Edible Country

Booking one of the tables in the Edible Country campaign is no ordinary dining experience. So we understand that there might be a few questions needing answers.

What is The Edible Country?

The Edible Country is a collaboration between Visit Sweden and several of Sweden’s regions, where you can book a table outdoors and have a go at DIY-ning. Make food with good friends, discover new and exciting ingredients and get closer than ever to Swedish nature.

What’s DIY-ning?

DIY is, as you all know, an abbreviation of do-it-yourself. DIY-dining means in other words that you make your own food as part of the dining experience. Shorten that to DIY-ning and there you have it!

Where are the tables?

The tables are spread all over Sweden. Here in West Sweden there are three tables: one on the matchless rocky landscapes of Ramsvik in Bohuslän, one just outside Gothenburg in the grounds of Gunnebo House, and one in a leafy forest glade right by the Göta canal. That’s three completely different places to choose between!

When is The Edible Country open?

In some ways nature’s own restaurant is always open in Sweden. Thanks to the Right of Public Access most wild ingredients are available to all, 24 hours a day, all year round. The actual tables can be booked from May to September.

How does the booking work?

The tables can be booked via or Booking opens in January 2019 and tables can be reserved from May to September. There’s space for twelve people to sit round the table, and it can be booked by two groups at the same time. When you have booked the table you’ll be contacted with more practical information. 

What’s on the menu?

The menu varies according to which table you book, but it’s traditional Swedish food with ingredients typical of the landscapes here in West Sweden. Each menu has been created by talented top chefs. It’s a do-it-yourself menu that you and your fellow diners make together al fresco. Several of the ingredients are ones you can find yourself in the forests, meadows and the sea.

Is there anything special about the table?

Definitely! Apart from the fact that it’s part of the world’s largest DIY gourmet restaurant, it has also been sustainably produced by local carpenters. The table top has been made out of thick unfinished pine planks which creates a wonderful robust feel. The benches are also pine, held together with lovely wooden plugs.

Ready to book a table? Read more about each one by clicking on the picture.

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