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Photographer: Monika Manowska

Information regarding your table booking by the Göta Canal

The Edible Country is no ordinary dining experience. Here’s some information to give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive at the table at the table by the Göta Canal.

What does your booking entail?

You have reserved a seat at the table placed by the Göta Canal in West Sweden.

For 200 SEK/person you get a cooking kit that includes:

  • A basket with ingredients (potato tortilla filled with seasonal greens, locally produced beef mince, rapeseed oil and wild herbs, as well as Swedish fika and coffee).

  • All the equipment you’ll need to be able to make the food yourselves and eat it.

  • Recipe created by Malin Johansson and Sven-Erik Larsson, and information about how to find the table. You’ll also get tips on what’s growing nearby that you can pick to add flavour to your dish, such as herbs or berries (in the right season).
Book the table by the Göta Canal

Good to know: 

  • The cooking kit is collected and paid for on arrival at Norrqvarn Hotel & Conference. 

  • Remember to dress appropriately for the weather.

  • The booking is for 12.00 -18.00 only. Return the hired cooking kit to Norrqvarn Hotel & Conference no later than 18.00.

  • Please note that the table can be booked by two parties at the same time, which means that you might not be alone there. But the table is big so there is enough room for everyone!
  • Any cancellations must be made no later than 48 hours before arrival. Please note also that Norrqvarn Hotel & Conference has the right to cancel your reservation when there is a risk of extreme weather or danger of fire.
  • If you have any questions about your booking contact Norrqvarn Hotel & Conference, reception@norrqvarn.se or +46 (0)501-507 70.

Photographer: Roger Borgelid


If you want to make your stay extra special we recommend the following: 

  • Bike ride along the Göta Canal – Hire bikes at Norrqvarn and pedal along the car free gravel paths next to the canal. Stop and have a dip in one of the bathing areas along the canal.
  • Walk the Culture Trail – There’s a pretty culture trail that starts from Norrqvarn (around 600 metres), which is perfect if you want to stretch your legs. You’ll pass, among other things, an ancient castle and a Viking ship setting, and can see where the constructor of the Göta canal, Baltzar von Platen, had his office while the canal was being built.
  • Stay the night –Norrqvarn Hotel & Conference doesn’t just offer classic hotel accommodation, but also a unique chance to stay in cosy troll tree stumps, and mushrooms. You really will be living in a fairy tale land here.

The Edible Country

Cook together with good friends, discover new and exciting ingredients and get close to Swedish nature. There are three tables you can book in West Sweden: one on Ramsvik in Bohuslän, one at Gunnebo House near Gothenburg and one by the Göta canal.