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  • Photographer: Roger Lärk

Getting here

Trollhättan's Waterfall and Locks area is located close to the city center and is easy to reach on foot, bike, public transport or car.

By foot or by bike

Trollhättan Waterfalls - 1 kilometer from Drottningtorget square

To reach the waterfall in Trollhättan, you only need to cross the Klaffbron bridge at hotel Scandic Swania, turn left and follow Åkersbergsvägen street until you arrive at Oskarsbron bridge located on your right side. In the nearby area you will also find Trollhättan Church and Kungsgrottan.

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Älvrummet Nature Reserve - 1-2 kilometers from Drottningtorget square

The nature reserve Älvrummet is located not far from central Trollhättan. The northernmost part of the reserve starts only about 1 kilometer from the main square. You just need to cross the Klaffbron bridge, then turn left and then right just before the Hansenplatsen monument. Here you can leave your bike and walk over the Strömkarlsbron bridge and walk up the stairs to your left. Here you have the start of the De Laval walk and you are close by Forngården outdoor museum.

If you want to start exploring the area from the central part of Älvrummet, to for example hike along the Edsvidsleden Trail, you can go to the parking area on the opposite side of Olidan power station. It is only about 2 kilometers here from the main square.

The Innovatum Area - 1.5 kilometers from Drottningtorget square 

The popular Innovatum area with attractions such as Innovatum Science Center and Saab Car Museum is about 1.5 kilometers from Drottningtorget Square. You only need to follow the main road; Drottninggatan Street, south and you will come all the way to Innovatum. If you want a different walk, you can otherwise go to the Klaffbron bridge and just before the bridge turn left and walk on the path that goes along the canal. This way is only a couple of hundred meters longer but will give you a very pleasant walk along the waters of Trollhätte canal.

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The Trollhättan Locks Area - 2.8 kilometers from Drottningtorget square

The Trollhättan locks area is about 2.8 kilometers from the main square in Trollhättan and you can easily reach it from both sides of the canal. A nice walk is to follow the canal both on the way to and from the locks area. Go to Klaffbron bridge in the city center and then either turn left just before or just after the bridge and follow the path along the canal all the way to the locks. If you walk on the east side of the canal it is about 2.8 kilometers and if you walk on the west side it is about 2.85 kilometers. 

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By car / motorhome /caravan

If you arrive by car, motorhome or caravan from the E45 road, you can reach the Fall and Locks area most easily by either going by Gärdhemsvägen street through the city center, over Klaffbron bridge and then turn left towards Åkersbergsvägen street. This is best suited if you are going to the waterfalls, Älvrummet or the Locks area. You can also drive via Lasarettsvägen street to the Innovatum area and from there left towards the Locks area. 

If you come with a motorhome or caravan, the second of the two above options is recommended as there are better parking opportunities in the Innovatum area and parking spaces for motorhomes on this side of the canal down by the Locks area. 

You can also find short-term parking at Hansenplatsen monument as well as parking at Insikten, Olidan and at the western part of the Locks area

With public transport

The best way to reach the Fall and Locks area via bus is to take the number 21 bus from the train station or Drottningtorget square towards "Skoftebyn" and get off at the "Innovatum" stop. Here you are in the middle of the Innovatum area and can also easily reach the Trollhättan Waterfalls (1.2 km) and the Locks Area (1.3 km). The buses go several times a day both to Innovatum and back to the city center. 

The buses are operated by Västtrafik and you can easily find upcoming departures on their website: www.vasttrafik.se