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Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman

Borås Kongress

The preferences of the guests give every conference a lasting impression

Book your business conference at Borås Kongress and you will have access to the latest technology, a well-equipped kitchen and personal conference rooms that encourage creativity. Full back-up service includes catering, event support and entertainment adapted to your event, all of which is in the centre of Borås.

Rooms adapted to optimise efficiency and results

Are you planning your AGM or other major event? Are you looking for a unique conference venue for the management group or optimised training premises? Perhaps you are thinking of organising a summer or Christmas party? The Borås Kongress team has all the necessary skills to make your conference or meeting an optimal experience with lasting impressions.

"We offer space for challenges and an inspiring experience, enabling our guests to convert thoughts into action."

A modern meeting room at Borås Kongress.

Photographer: Fredrik Malmlund

Tailor-made meetings for two to 1,000 people

The conference facility is in a modern building that is airy, accessible, flexible and very functional. There are over 20 different meeting rooms suitable for large and small meetings from two to 1,000 people. Book your exhibition, gala dinner, lecture, kick-off or concert here.

Sustainable food and drinks for mingling, dinners and gala celebrations

Gastronomic experience tailored to customers’ expectations and wishes. Some parties may want a seated dinner, others a stand-up cocktail dish or a buffet lunch.
The food policy is to use only the highest quality ingredients; sustainable, ecological and/or fair-trade. The menu is planned according to the season and vegetarian options are available. The team will also help to arrange entertainment for your event.

A set table in the restaurant in Borås Kongress.
Contact information

Borås Kongress

Akademiplatsen 2

50332 Borås

Phone: +46 033202700

E-mail: info@boraskongress.se

Website: boraskongress.se/