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Photographer: SOIC

The Swedish East India Company

Exhibition ship complete with authentic smell of tar in an 18th-century setting

The Götheborg, an 18th-century East Indiaman, is kept in the port of Gothenburg. You can book a conference or business event, an experience package, wedding reception, guided tour, lecture, family party or school visit on this historic ship, tailor-made to suit your preferences.

Book a unique 18th-century maritime experience today!

The historic East Indiaman Götheborg has an amazing history of many thousand nautical miles, adventures on the high seas and some totally captivating stories. The ship is open all year round for large parties, company events and conferences. Guided tours for the public are arranged every day during the summer and the ship is open at the weekends for the rest of the year. Weigh anchor and welcome on board!

Conferences and events in a unique setting

Arrange a conference or book a business event in the unique setting of the East Indiaman, where you can really sense the ship's history of adventure. There is a projector, screen, LCD screen and WiFi on board. You can work in the ship's fo'c's'les, its large cabin and parts of the cannon deck. Capacity on board is from 6 to 70 seated guests and the outdoor deck takes up to 150 standing guests. For larger groups, Skeppshallen is next to the ship and can cater for up to 60 seated guests and 85 in cinema-style seating. Morning and afternoon coffee breaks and lunch on board are all included. An evening dinner can also be booked to give a memorable ending to your event.

Photographer: Ostindiefararen

Experience packages, school visits, family parties or Christmas buffet

Add a guided tour or an exciting experience package on board. Divided into two teams, port and starboard, you can climb in the 47-metre-high rigging, brace a yard, wind the capstan, learn to tie knots or try painting china in the 18th-century style.
The ship’s Christmas buffet is arranged for companies or private parties in the festive season. Choose between a traditional Christmas buffet or a seasonal 3- or 4-course meal served on the cannon deck, in the main cabin or in the adjacent Skeppshallen.

The Swedish East India Company can arrange wedding receptions, family parties, friends’ reunions or school visits, all tailored to suit your preferences. You’ll also enjoy browsing in the shop with marine literature, tea, china and souvenirs.


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Svenska Ostindiska Companiet

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41764 Göteborg

Phone: +46 0736465395

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