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Family sitting on a sightseeingtrain in Hjo.

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Children's Hjo

  • Visit Hjo, Tourist Information Center

Experience Hjo as a family!

If you are a family with children visiting Hjo, there will be plenty to do. Together, you can play crazy golf, “knepa och knåpa” (sling and string) at Experimenthuset in the town park, discover Hjo on foot with our combined open-air walking and quiz competition or lean back and relax on the sightseeing train, “the Lok-Hjo-Motive”.

We also recommend a visit to the water park Guldkroksbadet, or a bison safari at the bison farm in Gate. For the children, there are two playgrounds available right in the centre, in the town park and in the wharf area. To unwind, you can head off on a relaxing sculpture tour along the river. Here you will get the chance to experience the nature reserve through the world of fairy tales. Get to know the rabbit, wolf and their friends. A map and further information are available at the tourist information centre.

Would you like some more information?

Would you like to know more about what to do in Hjo? Don't be shy - contact the Tourist Information Center in Hjo and they will help you out, click on the link and you'll find the information you need