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  • Photographer: Stefan Nordkvist

Yearly events

  • 26 Apr, 2016

Forsvik has many different activities and events to choose from, for people of any size and age - during different parts of the year. Some are yearly events and are now a part of the Forsvik tradtion.

Visit during the Forsvik days - this fun family fest takes place around the beautiful canal. Enjoy the contemporary design, market, activities for children and a lot more! The Forsvik days is an appreciated element in the summer season. 

For the youngest there is the Children's day, a day where children are in focus. Forsvik gets filled with playfulness and exciting environments - everything for our next generation. 

During the summer you can hear music at the workshop in Forsvik - where we got different artists from many different genres. Listen to jazz, reggae or some acoustic guitar - here you find something for everyone. 

The Christmas market in Forsvik is a very popular element that shows Forsvik in a beautiful winter environment. Here you can find skilled craftsmen, local food assortments and condiments and a lot more. Come feel the Christmas spirit in a historical setting.