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Rent a bike in Lidköping

5 simple steps to renting a bike in Lidköping

There are 18 bikes available for you to use in Lidköping in 6 different pick-up and drop-off zones. Pick up a bike in one zone and leave it in another. NOTE: If you leave a bike somewhere other than a designated zone, you will continue to be charged for it. The different zones: Josefs Pub & Sportbar (opposite Lidköping youth hostel), the main station, the Town Hall, Folkets hus, Kronocampingen and Gårdsbutiken Närebo.

5 simple steps to renting your bike

  1. Download the “Donkey Republic” app.
  2. Cost per time used, from 25 kronor. The longer you rent it for, the cheaper it is by the hour. Press “Rent bike”.
  3. Choose how you want to connect. Then link your card to the app. If you already have a card, press “Log in”.
  4. Now you are logged in and just a few steps away from getting your bike. Choose whether you want insurance. Then scroll down the same page.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and then press “RENT NOW”. Then you can cycle where you like. To finish your hire period, you need to return the bike to one of the drop-off zones. See map.

Price list:

< 15 mins = 25 kronor
< 30 mins = 30 kronor
< 1 hour = 50 kronor
< 2 hours = 80 kronor
< 4 hours = 90 kronor
< 6 hours = 100 kronor
< 12 hours = 120 kronor
< 1 day = 200 kronor
< 2 days = 250 kronor
After this there is an increase of 50 kronor per day.

Contact information

Evalds MTB

Phone: +46 51 29 28 60

E-mail: info@evalds.se

Website: evaldsmtb.se/