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  • Photographer: Sebastian Bularca


The most beautiful “hidden corner” in the world

The village of Resville and its surrounding area is a tiny hidden gem around 10 kilometres outside Lidköping. The village was once named the “most beautiful hidden corner in the world” and offers more to see than you might imagine. In addition to the attractive 19th-century stone bridge and the old mill, the area boasts several mediaeval remains and a picturesque hiking trail alongside the river Flian.

Resville and the mills
Resville is a place where mediaeval history and picturesque surroundings come together. There are waterfalls at numerous spots along the river Flian, with the highest, measuring just over three metres, being the mill falls in the village of Resville itself.  There are records of a mill on this spot from 1350, and at one time a total of seven mills stood along the river Flian, three of which are still in existence today. At the beginning of the 20th century, when all the mills were in operation, the village street boasted a shop, a sub-post office, a telegraph office, a forge and several inns.

Resville’s ford and bridges
The village of Resville grew up around the mills, but also because this was a crossing point over the river Flian long before the first bridge was constructed. The stone paving from a ford can be found downstream near the stone bridge. The picturesque stone bridge in turn was built in 1861, replacing an earlier wooden bridge that collapsed in 1856.

Visiting Resville today
Resville today is a small village with a riverside path along a section of the river Flian, and a further hiking trail due to be completed in summer taking you all the way to Kristinedals Fabriker, which is 3 km away and also offers an exciting cultural history. Resville Bygdegille opens up a Våffelcafé (waffle café) for several weekends a year, and the village is also home to Resville Mathantverk (artisan food shop). 

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Resville Ledsgården

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