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Bathing spots in Lysekil

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Lysekil offers many lovely bathing spots for sunbathing, swimming and crab fishing. If you’re longing for sun warm rocks to sunbath on, or for sand between your toes when you run into the water, there is plenty to choose from. Below, we list Lysekils most popular bathing spots and swimming areas, and also the hideaways Lysekils residents love the most.

Bathing spots in Lysekil


Lysekils most popular bathing spot. Here you can choose between sandy beaches, cliffs, or grass to lay the towel on. There are docks to bathe from and perfect spots to fish for crabs. Shallow sandy bottom makes the place perfect for families with children. Good parking facilities.


At the nature reserve Stångehuvud the Sun is at it´s best all day. You can warm up on the hot rocks of red granite, then take a refreshing dip in the sea. Maybe take a snorkelling trip around the little island Kramkistan or jumping off the cliffs?

Galleberget Rinkenäs

Choose between the diving tower and the ladder to take you down into the water. Rocks and grass to lay the towel on. There are also restrooms right around the corner.

North Harbour

The promenade in the North Harbor offer many bath and lounge facilities. In the Harbour, there is a fenced area with trampoline and freshwater showers. A little further away on the promenade, there are ladders and lovely chaise-longues to sunbath in. 


Ålevik offers a cosy little beach with grass, rocks and a bridge to swim from. Located just below the dance guild in Ålevik. 


Långevik is a very popular bathing area with both cliffs and sand. It is recommended to bring thongs because of the rocky bottom! Park and toilet available.


On a windless Valboholmen outside the Marina in Valbodalen, you will find peace on the docks, sand and rocks. Toilets are available. 


Enclosed swimming area in the harbour next to the guest harbour in the southern harbour. Here you can take off your swimming suit or keep it on. Sauna is available. Open to members of the community of Kallbadhuset’s friends. More information here.


Outside Kallbadhuset located on a deck with a ladder and great spots for jumping off the cliffs. Shower and toilet are in the service building. 

Bathing spots in Skaftö:

Bökevik, Fiskebäckskil - rocks, sand, docks, kiosk, toilets
Rödbergsvik, Östersidan – sandy beach, child-friendly
Klyftan, Grundsund – rocks, sand, toilets
Rågårdsvik - rocks, sand, docks, toilets, family friendly

Bathing spots in Lyse:

Fiskebäcksvik – rocks, sand, child-friendly, handicap toilets
Kolleröd – rocks, sand, grass, kiosk, parking, shower, toilets
Stretudden – grass, rocks, sand

Bathing spots in Brastad:

Govik – child-friendly, kiosk, toilets
Vrångebäck - child-friendly, piers, toilets
Barkedal – rocks, sand, grass, child-friendly, trampoline, toilets
Röe-Sandvik - cliffs, docks, toilets
Sandvik – cliffs, docks, toilets
Holma - cliffs, docks, toilets